Canarian sports

From Canarian wrestling to the juego del palo and the salto del pastor, Tenerife offers you incredible traditional sports ready for you to discover.

  • Canarian boules

    Canarian boules  

    "Bola Canaria" (Canarian boules) is very similar to the French sport of petanque. In both games the idea is to get the closest to the ball but in the Canarian...[+]

  • Canarian Wrestling

    Canarian Wrestling  

    Canarian wrestling is the most popular of the indigenous sports in Tenerife. The wrestlers must show strength and skill in each hold they use. The winner is the...[+]

  • Herdsmen's Leap

    Herdsmen's Leap  

    Canarian aborigines herding animals leapt with great skill and agility to cross the ravines and steep slopes on the island. To help them make these leaps they...[+]

  • Lifting stones

    Lifting stones  

    There are many tales of the strength and skill of the Canarian aborigines in lifting heavy stones but it was only after the conquest that this practice developed...[+]

  • Pulling Loads with Cattle

    Pulling Loads with Cattle  

    The "arrastre de ganado" (pulling loads with cattle) is a rural sport that has been practised over many centuries in Tenerife and is often seen at local fiestas....[+]

  • Stick fighting

    Stick fighting  

    The "juego del palo" (stick fighting) originates from techniques of defence and attack used by the "Guanches," ancient inhabitants of Tenerife. Today this sport...[+]

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