Gentle summers and warm winters. The benevolent climate and a spring-like temperature offer you the benefits of the sun, the purity of the air and the trade winds. Enjoy the climate every day of the year.

  • A Sea of Clouds

    A Sea of Clouds  

    The sea of clouds is an amazing natural phenomenon caused by the Trade Winds that gently push the clouds against the hilltops causing the air moisture to...[+]

  • Contrast between north and south

    Contrast between north and south  

    The greatest contrast occurs during the winter, when you can sunbathe on almost any beach in Tenerife, whilst resting your gaze on the snow-capped peak of Mount...[+]

  • Normal weather conditions

    Normal weather conditions  

    Average monthly temperature (oC) Average number of hours of sunshine Average monthly rainfall (mm) JAN 17,90 178 34 FEB 18,00 186 36 MAR 18,70 216 29 APR 19,20...[+]

  • Snow


    The incredible natural diversity in Tenerife means that in winter while the rest of the island enjoys pleasant spring temperatures, the Teide often has...[+]

  • Spring climate

    Spring climate  

    Tenerife lies in the transition area between the subtropical and temperate zones. It benefits from the so-called Canaries cold-stream, which has an extraordinary...[+]

  • The Alisios winds

    The Alisios winds  

    Tenerife is known throughout the world as the Island of Eternal Spring. Its geographic position, in an imaginary strip around the world in which you find some of...[+]

  • Water


    Water is a real gift for life on the island. The islanders of Tenerife have learned to use all their ingenuity and with an admirable effort, have managed to...[+]

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Today's weather



Costa sur de Tenerife. Sea conditions smooth sea
Wnd strength 1/3
Wind direction S
Water temperature 20°

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