Products and Dishes

Prepare your senses for the typical produce and dishes of Tenerife. Taste the fish, meat, bananas, cheeses…

  • Bananas


    The taste of Canarian bananas, the main crop in Tenerife and the rest of the Canaries, is unmistakable and of such high quality that it is unmatched. Here bananas...[+]

  • Cheeses


    Tenerife also produces high quality cheeses. It should not surprise you that the Canary Islands is the autonomous region that consumes the most cheese per person...[+]

  • Chestnuts


    In the past the chestnut was an extremely important subsistence crop for the population of Tenerife, it was even used for bartering. Today chestnuts survive...[+]

  • Fish


    The gastronomy of Tenerife includes a great variety of fish thanks to the abundance and diversity of its coastal waters. Of all the species caught, the most...[+]

  • Gofio


    Gofio is basically a toasted, ground cereal. It is the only food that originates from the islands' aboriginal inhabitants that is still eaten with great relish...[+]

  • Honey


    In Tenerife we can find delicious, multiflora honeys from the coast, hills and mountains and because no specific botanical species dominate here the honeys from...[+]

  • Meat


    Rabbit cooked in a tasty sauce and pork are the most popular meats used in traditional Tenerife cuisine. Pork is prepared in many different ways. It is the main...[+]

  • Potatoes


    The potato is a popular part of the diet in the Canarian Archipelago. The Canarian variety of this tuber, originally from South America, is completely different...[+]

  • Tomatoes


    Canarian tomatoes which are very red and a distinctive round shape, have a special, sweet flavour which is particularly popular in the international markets. The...[+]

  • Traditional soups  

    Soups and stews are some of the most popular dishes for the people of Tenerife. Although there are many different recipes for these soups, almost as many as there...[+]

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