Traditional ingredient in the gastronomy of Tenerife
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Gofio is basically a toasted, ground cereal. It is the only food that originates from the islands' aboriginal inhabitants that is still eaten with great relish today. That primitive Gofio was mainly made from barley as well as from other roots and dry fruits. The ingredients were ground using a hand mill made up of two rough, circular stones that turned one on top of the other. Later Gofio acquired new flavours mainly from the use of wheat and sweet corn.

Nowadays, Gofio is dissolved in milk as a breakfast or mixed with different ingredients (oil, water, and fresh fruit, such as bananas, or dried fruit and honey) to be eaten with other meals. It is used to accompany some vegetable soups (watercress, for example) and to cover pork scratchings which gives them a special taste. It is also an essential part of dishes such as "puchero canario" (Canarian stew) or fish casserole. Gofio is mixed with the juices of these specialities until it reaches a paste-like consistency. Nowadays, it is also used a lot in cake making and even in ice- creams.

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