The island is enveloped in a rich historical heritage: traditions, fiestas, country life, landscapes, our way of speaking, colours…

  • Monuments


    Palaces, churches, mansions, sanctuaries, theatres... A good way to...[+]

  • Events


    The conquest in the 15th Century, the most recent eruption in 1909,...[+]

  • Characters


    Who was Sabino Berthelot? Did you know that Agustín de Bethencourt ...[+]

  • The guanches

    The guanches

    The Guanches were the ancient pre-Hispanic inhabitants of Tenerife....[+]

  • Legends


    Tenerife is an island of legend: Ladon or the dragon with 100 heads...[+]

  • University of La Laguna

    University of La Laguna

    In 1701 a centre for higher studies of the Augustine religious order...[+]