Periódico El Día

Newspaper of Tenerife

Periódico El Día

El Dia is the highest circulation paper in the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Founded in 1910 by the writer and Tenerife journalist Leoncio Rodriguez under the name La Prensa, the publication is known for its broad monitoring of the closest information. It is a daily morning paper publsihed from Monday through to Sunday. Due to its quality news it has gained the trust of its readers that strengthen more and more the leading position of the paper. The broad monitoring of local news, along with the most relevant national and international news, means the readers are on top of the most important events. The paper has an approximate circulation of 29000 from Monday to Saturday that almost doubles on a Sunday.

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Periódico El Día

Avda. Buenos Aires, 71 38005 santa cruz de tenerife

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