• Economy


    Tenerife's main economic activity is tourism. The island receives over five million tourists per year, mainly British, Spanish and Germans. The island has over...[+]

  • Education and Culture

    Education and Culture  

    La Laguna University, which opened its doors in 1817, has 23,000 students from Tenerife and other islands and offers a great variety of qualifications. The...[+]

  • Government


    Every four years, the people of Tenerife choose their representatives in this institution, which is probably the most valued and appreciated one. The elections...[+]

  • Health


    Tenerife has a high quality health service. It is run by the Canarian Health Service and includes two first-rate public hospitals; the Hospital Universitario de...[+]

  • Language


    People from Tenerife and the other islands speak Castilian Spanish, although they speak it a little differently from the rest of Spain: they use some specific...[+]

  • Politics


    The island of Tenerife, as well as the other islands of the archipelago, belongs to the autonomous region of the Canary Islands: this region has a high level of...[+]

  • Population


    Tenerife has just over 800,000 inhabitants, who are spread over 31 districts. Santa Cruz de Tenerife is the capital of the island and of the Canary Islands,...[+]

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