The Carnival is Tenerife’s fiesta. Carnival cavalcades, thousands of costumes, spectacular floats, music, dance and —above all— fun, plenty of fun. The best part is that everything takes place in the street so you can live it to the full.

  • Burial of the Sardine

    Burial of the Sardine  

    The burial of the sardine takes place on Ash Wednesday and consists of a procession with a huge model fish which is finally "cremated". On this day local people...[+]

  • Candelaria Carnival

    Candelaria Carnival  

    The town of Candelaria, in the south of Tenerife, holds its carnival the week after those in Santa Cruz and Puerto de la Cruz. The large square in front of the...[+]

  • Carnival of Puerto de la Cruz

    Carnival of Puerto de la Cruz  

    The carnival in the tourist resort of Puerto de la Cruz is one of the largest and most important on Tenerife.  Every year its spirit of fun takes over locals and...[+]

  • Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife

    Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife  

    This carnival is the best known and celebrated festival on the island, especially in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the capital.  Over several days, brightly coloured...[+]

  • Carnival Queens

    Carnival Queens  

    The spectacular carnival queens are the most famous symbol of carnival. Every year different candidates compete in a great show called the "Gala de Elección de la...[+]

  • Comparsas


    The "comparsas" are dancing groups who initially imitated the samba schools of the Rio de Janeiro carnival. The first "comparsa" in Tenerife was "Los Rumberos,"...[+]

  • History


    It is almost certain that the population of Tenerife began celebrating carnival shortly after the conquest when the Portuguese and Spaniards arrived on the...[+]

  • Los Gigantes Carnival

    Los Gigantes Carnival  

    The tourist resort of Los Gigantes, in the southern district of Santiago del Teide holds its own four day carnival. As in other towns on the island, it takes...[+]

  • Murgas


    The "murgas" (comedy groups) are some of the most popular of the carnival groups of Tenerife. They are satirical groups, with about 40 members, who invent and...[+]

  • Parades


    The parades at Tenerife's carnival are called "Cabalgatas". In these parades there are many carnival groups with their spectacular floats. Along with these...[+]