Island of wellbeing

Air, sea, light... throughout history, Tenerife has been a reference for the gentleness of its climate and its therapeutic effects.

  • Air


    Benevolent Air. Dry. Invisible ally, soft and warm. Close your eyes. Let yourself be wrapped in a toning embrace.

  • Lava


    The island offers you a landscape of lava and volcanoes. Forms, colours, textures and rich trace elements to benefit your body.

  • Light


    Smile. You have a natural stimulant. A warm caress on your body to fill you with energy: Light

  • Ocean


    All the force of the Ocean crashing next to you. Let the breeze flood your senses and the sea dress you in salt.

  • Tenerife, a historic destination

    Tenerife, a historic destination  

    Thanks to a mild climate and its therapeutic benefits, Tenerife has been a reference point since the XVIII century for British, German and Swedish visitors. This...[+]

  • Tropical fruits

    Tropical fruits  

    Delicacies from the land and the ocean. Seductive tropical fruits and fresh juices. A gift from the island to pamper your senses and boast your vitality.

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Tenerife Island of wellness

Tenerife Island of wellness

The island offers much, much more… volcanic earth, rich in trace elements, essential for a host ... [+]