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Being pearl specialists, Tenerife Pearl guarantees the widest range of pearls in the market at very reasonable prices, with the most innovative designs and expert advice.

The cultured pearl story began with the Akoya pearl, farmed off the shores of Japan. It is considered to be the most lustrous pearl in the world.

French Polynesia offers the most exotic and original of all oyster pearls: the Tahitian pearl. We recognize it because of its fantastic dark colours.

The Australian pearl is cultured from the warm waters of the South Seas. It’s the most impressive of all pearls. Its’ intense golden or silver shine, makes it “the queen of pearls”.

Freshwater cultured pearls are farmed in mussels in different types of lakes, rivers, ponds and streams in China, Japan and the USA. They come in a wide range of shapes and lovely pastel colours.

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