From 19/06/2009 To 21/06/2009

Fiestas in La Orotava

Folk tradition in the North of the Island

After Corpus Christi day, the municipality of La Orotava celebrates its Saint fiestas, beginning June 19 with the classic 'Baile de Magos'(open air dance), which is one of the most famous folk meetings of the North. On next day, the cattle fair and the Rise of the Saint, show the devotion of the people of La Orotava by their tradition, during the day before to the main day, hundreds of neighbors move the Saints on Saturday night, from the sanctuary of El Calvario to the Parish of Nuestra Señora de La Concepción. The romeria on Sunday the 21st is one of the most important festive events of Tenerife, an exuberant celebration of folk traditions, music and culinary that ends this festivities in La Orotava.