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Teide Astro Volcanes y Estrellas

Outdoor Activities company located in Tenerife
Teide-astro volcanes y estrellas
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Volcanoes and Stars offer an ample range of activities to understand the three fundamental elements of the nature of the island: the sea, through the observation of marine life in their natural environment; the sky, with astronomic cards and telescopes; and the volcanic origins that allow one to understand the beautiful volcanic tubes.

Volcanoes and Stars have a large, multi-disciplined team who act as tourist guides, guides to explain the observation of marine life, astrophysics, and environment education instructors, amongst others.

They all contribute to show the surprising and interesting parts of nature, history and the culture of Tenerife, from the perspective of the sustainability of the environment.
Languages: Spanish, English, German and French

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Teide Astro Volcanes y Estrellas

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Teide Astro Volcanes y Estrellas