Places of interest

On the Island, you will be lucky enough to find unique locations. A 17-kilometre volcanic tube, the longest in Europe; or Mount Teide National Park (declared a World Heritage Site in 2007), a magical spot which each year receives more visits than any other National Park in Spain: over three million.

Apart from its natural treasures, Tenerife has many other spots to offer that are as special and as beautiful as the Island itself. Such is the case of La Laguna, declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco; the Lago Martiánez swimming pool complex, designed by the artist, César Manrique; or natural spaces such as Teno Rural Park or the Anaga Massif.

  • Beaches


    Tenerife is the place to enjoy a great many different beaches , with sand of an enormous variety of colours, the benefits of the sun and th...

  • Swimming pools and pools

    Swimming pools and pools

    There is nothing easier than relaxing in the swimming pools and pools and enjoying the benefit for your health. ...

  • Villages and hamlets

    Villages and hamlets

    Places with flavour, charm, our own architecture and colour make up the variety of hamlets and villages on the Island. An endless number of...

  • Historical centres

    Historical centres

    Many of the villages and towns of the Island still preserve their historical centres almost intact. Magnificently conserved, some of them s...

  • Teide National Park

    Teide National Park

    The highest peak in Spain (3,718 metres), declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco, is an absolute must. Beautiful and grandiose, it will m...

  • Other natural spaces

    Other natural spaces

    Enjoy the diversity of natural spaces that await you on the Island, the flora, the fauna and the luxuriant natural diversity that is gently...

  • Gardens and Parks

    Gardens and Parks

    Discover a place that is full of contrasts, of landscapes and of protected natural spaces. Anything from the Botanical Garden in Puerto de ...