Other natural spaces

Enjoy the diversity of natural spaces that await you on the Island, the flora, the fauna and the luxuriant natural diversity that is gently caressed by the trade winds.

  • Acantilados de los Gigantes

    Acantilados de los Gigantes  

    The Gigantes Cliffs offer some of the most spectacular scenery on Tenerife. Their impressive sheer faces drop from heights of 600 metres in some places. At the...[+]

  • Anaga Rural Park

    Anaga Rural Park  

    Cruz del Carmen, Anaga
    Santa Cruz de Tenerife

    The Anaga Rural Park occupies much of the mountainous massif located at the north-eastern end of the Island of Tenerife. With an area of 14,419 hectares, it is a...[+]

  • Badlands of Güimar

    Badlands of Güimar  

    The special nature reserve of the Badlands of Güimar is near the exit of the TF-1 motorway that goes towards the district of the same name, in the southeast of...[+]

  • Chinyero


    On the 18th of November 1909, the Chinyero began to erupt. During the following nine days, this volcano situated on the side of the Teide Peak continued its...[+]

  • Corona Forestal Nature Park

    Corona Forestal Nature Park  

    The Corona Forestal Nature Park, a leafy forest of pine trees and other mountain plants, encircles the Teide National Park. It covers 50,000 hectares and is the...[+]

  • Granadilla Moonscape

    Granadilla Moonscape  

    A new footpath bringing you into the nature and culture of the Corona Forestal Natural Park The PR-TF 72 was opened in the South of Tenerife.This attractive,...[+]

  • Montaña Roja and Montaña Pelada

    Montaña Roja and Montaña Pelada  

    The Montaña Roja Nature Reserve, close to the tourist resort of El Médano, consists of a highly eroded volcanic cone next to the sea. What makes this place,...[+]

  • Rambla de Castro

    Rambla de Castro  

    The protected area of the Rambla de Castro, on the coast of the northern district of Los Realejos, is an area of beautiful scenery and one of the greenest and...[+]

  • Teno Rural Park

    Teno Rural Park  

    Finca Los Pedregales s/n, El Palmar. Buenavista del Norte

    The Teno Rural Park is one of the most beautiful areas on Tenerife. This park, traditionally isolated due to its limited and difficult access, with its...[+]

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