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Corona Forestal Nature Park

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Corona Forestal Nature Park

The Corona Forestal Nature Park, a leafy forest of pine trees and other mountain plants, encircles the Teide National Park. It covers 50,000 hectares and is the largest protected area in the Canary Islands. It stretches across some extraordinary landscapes, mountains, ravines and valleys between the north and south of the island. It is the "green lung" of Tenerife and is easily accessible from any part of the island.

The Corona Forestal is the natural habitat of many endemic species, such as, the elegant Canarian Pine or outstanding species of birds such as, the Blue Chaffinch or Laurel Pigeon.
Although, in the past, the pine trees in the Corona Park were exploited by the timber industry, today, it is mainly an area reserved for recreational use for all types of outdoor activities. There are many restaurants that specialise in barbecued meat and many recreation areas that have barbecues and other services to help visitors enjoy this beautiful nature park of which the people of Tenerife are especially proud.

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Corona Forestal Nature Park

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Area: 46,612.9 hectares

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