Anaga Rural Park

Natural area located in the metropolitan area of Tenerife
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The Anaga Rural Park occupies much of the mountainous massif located at the north-eastern end of the Island of Tenerife. With an area of 14,419 hectares, it is a substantial part of the Island of Tenerife and includes parts of the municipal districts of La Laguna, Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Tegueste.
This is a steeply-sloping area with exceptional natural and cultural treasures, which has landscapes of great harmony and beauty, the fruit of the coexistence of the human being and nature in a rugged territory.
It now constitutes one of the main leisure areas of the capital of Tenerife and it is also an enormous tourist attraction, which will help to preserve the popuation and local culture and to improve their living conditions.

How to get there
The main points of access are the TF-12 road via Las Mercedes, from La Laguna, or via San Andrés, also along the TF-12 road, from Santa Cruz. It is possible to go there in a private vehicle or  on public transport.

What to visit
Anaga has an interesting network of roads and footpaths which can take you, by car, on the bus or on foot, to places with superb panoramic views, natural spots of spectacular beauty or to get to know its numerous picturesque hamlets and to share the way of life of the people. 
In the general leaflet on the Anaga Rural Park Folleto general del Parque Rural de Anaga you will find a list of the recommended routes by car or on foot.

What it offers
Anaga offers a spectacular landscape and great natural diversity as a result of its contours, and due to the existence of different environments which run from the dampest and most rainy in the upper parts down to those with a great deal of sunlight and little rainfall. 
This diversity of environments leads to the establishment of a rich and diverse number of species, a range of communities that is home to numerous animal and plant species, with more than 120 local endemic species, some of them extremely rare and close to extinction.
The natural habitats of Anaga include some of the best Canary Islands ecosystems. The laurel forests, the juniper woodlands of Afur or landscapes of spurges from the eastern end of the Massif stand out due to their state of conservation.

Population, culture and traditions
More than 2,000 people live in the 26 villages in the Park. Despite the abrupt contours and the difficulties, they represent an unusual form of human settlement in the territory which provides an invaluable cultural heritage.
 In the first few centuries after the conquest, such villages as Taganana flourished, with an export economy of products such as sugar cane and wine. Then the lands of Anaga were devoted to subsistence and the local supply of products, a difficult task, requiring the effort of building and maintaining the terraces on the steep slopes; producing in conditions of drought and then having to transport products across the mountains to supply La Laguna and Santa Cruz.
Thanks to its natural conditions and the dedication of its people, Anaga is a treasure trove of local varieties of products which are unique, such as potatoes or papas borrallas, varieties of sweet potatoes, yams, wines and many fruit trees and also many ecological and cultural practices which further emphasise the environmental and cultural uniqueness of this district of Tenerife.

Its management
The Anaga Rural Park is ordered and regulated through its Governing Plan for Use and Management. This document is the necessary framework for protecting the space and governing the use of its resources, at the same time that it allows promotional actions to improve the quality of life of local people.
Logically, the conservation of the Park implies rules and limitations regarding its use and enjoyment. Compliance with these rules is the best way to cooperate with the management and conservation of this unique place.
Con esta finalidad, el Parque Rural dispone de una Oficina de Gestión que permite el acercamiento y la colaboración entre los gestores del espacio y sus habitantes. Si precisa mayor información o desea hacer alguna sugerencia, no dude en contactar con el personal del Parque, su participación es vital para mejorar la gestión de este espacio protegido. To this end, the Rural Park has a management office which enables the managers of the space and its inhabitants to get to know one another and to cooperate. If you need more information or wish to make a suggestion, do not hesitate to contact the staff of the Park; your participation is vital to improving the management of this protected area.

Other details

Santa Cruz de Tenerife
La Laguna

Area: 14,418.7 hectares

Some villages in the Anaga Rural Park:
El Bailadero
Las Casas de la Cumbre
El Draguillo
Lomo Las Bodegas
Roque Negro
Las Montañas
Valle Tahodio

How to get to:

Anaga Rural Park

Cruz del Carmen, Anaga
Santa Cruz de Tenerife

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