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Caserío de Masca

Farmhouse located in Tenerife North


The Rural Park of Teno, in the municipality of Buenavista del Norte (the Isla Baja region), is where one can find the deepest ravines of the island. Here, surrounded by amazing escarpments, lies the hamlet of Masca. This picturesque hamlet, which has been declared an area of ethnographical and architectural interest, is one of the best examples of the Canary Island´s natural architecture and in principle has been preserved due to the sheer difficulty in gaining access to the hamlet until recent years.


The oldest building in the Masca valley is the Casa de los Avinculados, in Caserío de la Piedra. Masca´s small 18th century church is dedicated to the Immaculate Conception. The Masca ravine is one of the most spectacular in the island. Its descent, down to the sea, is awesome. Many of the organised excursions end at the beach at the bottom of the ravine, where a boat collects trekkers to take them back to one of the coastal towns.

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Caserío de Masca