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Red Wines

They are the most popular and their five varieties enjoy great recognition
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Although red wine production in Tenerife started after the initial success of the island's whites, nowadays they have achieved well-deserved recognition for their quality and singularity. Tenerife's red wine has a special character that complements the 5 different varieties produced here: Traditional, Maceration, Cask, Crianza and Reserve. They are ideal wines to accompany the delicious island gastronomy and are very popular in restaurants all over the island.

Tenerife's red wines are produced using the Canarian varieties of the Listán Negro and Negramoll grapes. According to the experts, Tenerife's Traditional Red gives off a strong fruity aroma and tastes dry and full-bodied, the Maceration Red on the other hand, stands out for its body and long fruity aftertaste with a hint of wood. The Crianza Red, which is mainly produced in the region of Tacoronte-Acentejo, has a woody, vanilla and fruity aroma and leaves a varied aftertaste. Finally, the Reserve Red is characterised by its complex toasty, tobacco and vanilla finish.