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Island Connections is the main English newspaper in the Canaries, with the most pages, most readership and most circulation. It was the first publication in English produced by the islands with circulation controlled by the O.J.D. (Justification Office Of Circulation). Island Connections has always strived to obtain the best quality of information to cater for the hundreds of thousands of tourists and foreign residents that live in the Canaries.

We offer the reader a wide range of local and regional news, public articles and patronage sections for our clients. We are the bridge between the Canarian community and abroad.

The publication includes a special tourist guide with recommendations on restaurants, practical advice, places of interest etc. and a specialized economic supplement.

Actual circulation is 22000, which is distributed throughout different parts of the Canaries by a company called S.G.E.L. We also have also have a complimentary circulation in some strategic tourist spots within Tenerife. The publication started its life 18 years ago and it is published in English on a fortnightly basis as an international language bearing in mind that its readers are of different nationalities; British, Scandinavian, Dutch, German etc.

It has more than 1200 different points of distribution in all of the Canary Islands. Island Connections publishes a daily digital edition for the internet ( and we get more that 83,000 hits a month on our web page.

If you want to advertise via our publication and have a huge audience, which comprise of residents, tourists and generally, the foreign community residing in the islands, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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