A walk around the historic quarter of La Laguna

A walking route in Santa Cruz - La Laguna
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La Laguna was Tenerife's first capital city and most of its historical heritage is concentrated in a relatively small area. This makes visiting its many attractions on foot an easy and enjoyable experience. Our journey on foot starts at the central Plaza del Adelantado square, surrounded by a series of historically relevant buildings. Here, you will find the City Hall, which dates back to 1546, the house of Casa de Anchieta, the birthplace of José de Anchieta who is the Saint and founder of the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo,

the Palacio de Nava, with its unique stone façade, and the monastery of Santa Catalina de Siena.
La Laguna's historic quarter is listed among UNESCO's World Heritage Sites, which means the original layout of its streets is protected. This same model was used by the colonisers in the New World when founding a great number of American cities. Within that harmonious, radial arrangement is Calle de la Carrera. This street will lead you right into the heart of the historic quarter, passing magnificent buildings on your way, such as the houses of El Corregidor, La Alhóndiga (the corn exchange) and Los Capitanes Generales.
It is worth stopping to take a look at the Cathedral of San Cristóbal de La Laguna. As well as being the city's most important religious building, this Neo-Gothic cathedral contains a wealth of wonderful artistic heritage. The route continues amidst the grand façades of many more stately homes in Plaza de la Concepción, just outside the church of La Concepción. This was the seat of the Island's mother parish, and its Renaissance style tower is a symbol of the city.
As you turn left out of Plaza de la Concepción, you will come to Calle de Herradores, an entirely pedestrianised street with some very interesting examples of Canarian architecture. But if you choose to turn right instead, the square leads onto Calle San Agustín, containing the homes of Los Jesuitas, Montañez and Salazar. Other landmarks on Calle San Agustín include the Palacio de Lercaro, which houses the Tenerife History Museum, the Nuestra Señora de los Dolores church and hospital, the San Agustín church and the Canary Islands Institute.
The adjacent streets are also lined with highly valuable buildings, such as the house of Ossuna on Calle Juan de Vera, or the Rodríguez de Acero mansion and the San Sebastián church on Calle de Nava y Grimón, which can be accessed from Calle Viana. A little further along that same street stands the beautiful Real Santuario del Santísimo Cristo, by Plaza de San Francisco (which is better known as Plaza del Cristo).

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A walk around the historic quarter of La Laguna

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