Tenerife! awakens emotions

Welcome to Tenerife, where the temperature stays around 22ºC throughout the year. Discover the colours, flavours, and volcanic essence of our island.
Travel to Tenerife by air & discover the largest of the Canary Islands

It's a like a little world waiting to be discovered. Make a journey to yourself. Enjoy this feeling when you close your eyes and just listen to nature, the adrenaline when ascending to Mount Teide feeling the whole island at your feet and under you a sea of clouds...

Find the perfect place to stay

The island has accommodation to suit all tastes. Hotels and resorts where you'll want to stay forever. Or picturesque rural establishments with everything you need for it to feel like home.

About Tenerife

Five is a magic number for the Island of Tenerife. Because five million people come here every year making it the leading destination in the Canary Islands.
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