Camping in Tenerife – Frequently asked questions

Camping in Tenerife

Whether if  you practice outdoor sports, or if you just want to spend one or more days close to the  nature, camping in Tenerife is an inexpensive solution for holidays, so we give you information that we consider useful and practical.

Can I camp anywhere?

No. There are specific areas for camping on the island. These are the areas authorized in Tenerife North and Tenerife South

Do I have to request permission?

Yes, the Cabildo of Tenerife is where you must request permission to camp in Tenerife

How long in advance do I have to apply for a permit to camp?

10 days aprox

How long I can be camping in one place?

7 days, but if you’re doing a walking route of several days, permission to camp 24 hours outside these areas can be authorized

How much does it cost to camp in designated areas?

Nothing. It’s FREE

How I can cook?

Almost all the campsites on the island are within walking distance or by authorized recreational areas where you can use the barbacue areas, respecting any restrictions on use to avoid fire hazards, and please do not forget to leave the fire well off when you finish cooking.

Can I use my portable barbecue?

No. Its use is forbiden

I hope the information has been helpful for you, so now I can only insist on one thing. Please, if you camp in Tenerife, take care of the environment, we must keep everything in good condition and clean . Will you do it ? Sure you will!


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