Forestal Park – Family Fun in Tenerife

The newest family fun atraction in Tenerife is just waiting for you to try it.

Forestal Park, the new theme park in Tenerife for all the family which is quite peculiar, all the activies are in the nature, fully based on fun in the tree tops.

So lets start with Forestal Park Frequently asked questions that might be very useful.


  • Is there any age limit?



  • Children have to be at least 6 years old to join the Family circuit.
  • To try the sports circuit you have to be at least 10 years old.



  • Is there any heigh limit?


Yes. 1 metre 20 centimetres tall is the minimum for the family option  and 1 metre 45 centimetres for the Sports ( safety, as in the previous question , goes first)

We haven’t done any mountain sports before, is it difficult?

Try it, no doubt. The staff will give you safety and introductory tips for each step in the ciruit you’ll complete. They are real experts and will be close to you , always keeping an eye on all your movements. You are in the best hands.

  • How many circuits can you complete at Forestal Park Tenerife?

there are 2 main ones:

  • family
  • sports

How many games are there in each circuit?

  • Family circuit , is divided in 4 modules and there are 34 games to complete ( 2 hours and a half aprox)
  • Sports circuit is divided in 7 modules

How much does it cost?

  • 17€ children
  • 22 € adults

Do I need special clothing?

  • trekking shoes or somethring confortable
  • Long trousers

Where is Forestal Park Tenerife?

Forestal Park GPS coordinates are:

Latitude: 28° 24′ 51.76

Longitude: 16 ° 24′ 19.55

Forestal Park Address:

It is in Las Lagunetas in La Esperanza TF 24- Km 16 check full driving  instructions to Forestal Park  here

For more information check  Tenerife Forestal Park website





Tenerife Fire – Official update on Friday

Tenerife Fire map Updated
Tenerife Fire map updated

From  Gobierno de Canarias the latest official news about the Tenerife fire are more positive, but we are still at level 2 emergency situation with the fire.
The fire situation is developing favourably. There are no longer fronts but isolated outbreaks of fire in different places within the perimeter and the affected municipalities (not towns): mountains in La Orotava, Adeje, Vilaflor and Guía de Isora on South side. Barranco de Tágara fire is still  not stabilized but all aircraft are concentrating their efforts on this area of very difficult access.

During the official press conference today, Both Ortiz and Melchior once again thanked all the emergency service teams for their work: the Brifor brigade from the Tenerife Department of the Environment, the Fire Brigade Consortium of Tenerife, the Emergency Military Unit (UME), allthe other fire fighting teams, the Canary Islands Emergency Department (SUC) and Civil Guard. He also praised the work done by local councils, volunteers and members of Civil Protection from different municipalities affected by the fire and all the companies and institutions that have worked selflessly to assist with transport and supplying food and drink to the teams deployed.

We are still on maximum alert due to the heat wave so the authorities strongly recommend:

  • Not to go up to the mountains this weekend due to the high risk of forest fires, including recreation areas
  • It’s highly advised to avoid going to Mount Teide National Park this weekend
  • Camping in the forest is still banned
  • To avoid risks due to the heat wave, please check the following recommendations

We also remind you :
All airports operate normally and no coastal resorts in Tenerife have ever been affected by fire.

There are only two roads blocked to traffic:

  • TF-38 (Chio – Boca Tauce, km 22)
  • TF-21 (Vilaflor-Boca Tauce, at kilometers 47 and 67)


Tenerife Fire – Latest official update on Thursday

Tenerife Fire Map
Tenerife Forrest Fire Map


In addition to what was said in the previous press conference today the latests official updates about the Tenerife fire evolution includes some good positive news.

The evolution of the fire which broke out last Sunday [15th July] in Ifonche (Adeje) is following the expected parameters, with the secured perimeter except the west side being attacked on the ground and from the air according to the Minister for Security at the Cabildo (Tenerife Government), Jose Antonio Valbuena.


Speaking at a press conference held this afternoon [19 July 2012] at the headquarters of CECOPIN in Santa Cruz, Sr. Valbuena says that fire fighters are cooling down other hotspots near the perimeter. At the southern front, the presence of smoke does not mean there is any danger of the fire starting to burn again so the residents of Vilaflor, Ifonche and Tijoco Alto, in Adeje, can return to their homes, although special care should be taken by people with respiratory problems.

Valbuena also stresses that they have already begun removing some heavy equipment in certain areas because it was no longer needed. At the moment we are making progress in the work to restore water to the Vilaflor area.

Humberto Gutierrez, head of Civil Protection of the Canary Islands Government, says “the perimeter is the same yesterday, except to the west. The fire has been contained and remains stable, also the weather conditions are good and strong winds are not foreseen.”

“Once people and property are safe, which is our priority, we shall now concentrate our full force on defending the environment. This morning helicopters flew into the affected gorges on the west side. The vegetation at these points consists of more open pine forests that allow ground crews to work safely and supported by air assets.”

The active part of the fire is progressing slowly and with good conditions for its extinction. At the same time, brigades are cooling down hot spots to prevent the fire from flaring up again and along the entire perimeter, brigades have been stationed. As for the forecast for the next few hours, the fire is static at its flanks and tail end. If we fail to stop the flames advancing to the west, the blaze will eventually die out on the slope of the lava flow, as planned. Anyway, “while there are places where the fire is still burning, we cannot say that the blaze is under control,” stresses Gutierrez.

Regarding road closures:

the only roads still cut are

  • TF-38 (Chio-Boca Tauce, km 22) and
  • TF-21 (Vilaflor-Boca Tauce, at kilometres 47 and 67).

These will be closed for several days to facilitate the work of extinction. Finally, power has been restored to a power line affecting the supply to Vilaflor and La Escalona.

Next press conference will be tomorrow morning



Tenerife Fire Thursday official update


This morning the president of the Cabildo, Ricardo Melchior, has announced [Thursday 19] that the perimeter of the fire remains stable and they expect to have it under control in the coming hours. In the press conference this morning [Thursday 19], Ricardo Melchior highlighted that at the moment the news about the fire situation is good but he urges caution.  Although the situation has improved substantially the emergency “remains at level II where coordination is the responsibility of the regional government because of the type of resources still needed to extinguish the fire,” according to the Canary Islands Minister of Economy, Finance and Security, Javier Gonzalez Ortiz.


Residents of Tijoco and Vilaflor and may return home within hours, once the front that was advancing in this municipality has been stabilized. Most of the perimeter, which covers about 5,300 hectares, is stabilized even though the front that was moving along the northwest remains active, as well as various outbreaks within that area. According to the president of Tenerife, of the total surface area affected by the fire “with the first data we have compiled, we can conclude that about 1,000 hectares have been burned, of which 500 is forest.” In this sense, Melchior stresses that there is 50,000 hectares of forest in Tenerife so this fire could have affected one per cent.”


At night, the extinction work went according to plan. The eastern flank is stabilizing and the western front although still active, has progressed slowly, burning itself out when it reached areas of sparse pine forest and volcanic land, as has been forecast.


Melchior took the opportunity to congratulate all those involved so far in the fire extinguisher from the different public authorities, both technicians and those who have been in charge of the operation, as well as municipal officials, private companies have offered their support and NGOs.


According to Julio Herrero, the head of the Canary Islands Natural Environmental Service, the chief operating officer of INFOCA last night, “the prospects for extinguishing the fire are looking good. The strategy is to stabilize the active area and then proceed to control it. These are inaccessible areas and helicopter transport units need to be deployed which will be reinforced with seaplanes and the Kamov helicopter. If weather conditions remain stable, the fire will not advance to the Santiago del Teide area. In Vilaflor, all the other emergency workers and helicopters from the Emergency and Rescue Group (GES) of the Canary Islands will be deployed to ensure that the situation remains stable.


During the night the Canary Emergency Service special operation set up by the regional Ministry of Health, did not report any incidents related to the fire assists. However, the advanced medical and health care units have been deployed to Guía de Isora and will continue on standby.


Power has also been restored to a power line affecting the supply to Vilaflor and La Escalona.



Information on roads

The TF-583 road to Taucho is now open to traffic.

  • The other roads that are closed at different points are:
  • TF-567 from La Escalona to Ifonche,
  • TF-585 from access to Tijoco,
  • TF-38, from Boca Tauce to Chío at kilometre 22;
  • TF -21, from Boca Tauce to Vilaflor, at kms 47 and 67,
  • TF-51 from km 11 and TF-563 from the 7.5 kilometre point.

All these roads may be cut for several days to facilitate the traffic flow for vehicles involved in the firefighting operation. Roads state can be checked through the following link:

Official update about Terife fire

Tenerife Fire Map

After the information provided before  about the evolution of the Tenerife fire , Tenerife Cabildo  has decided to block the following roads in order to make easier firefighters impressive work:

  • TF 38 (km 22) up to the La Estrella restaurant,
  • TF 21 at kilometre 67 (Vilaflor) and kilometer 47 (Parador Nacional),
  • TF- 583, in Taucho,
  • TF-585 in Tijoco Alto
  • TF-567 at kilometre 0, to Ifonche.
  • TF – 51 Kilometre 14 to Vilaflor from La Camella at Trevejos and kilometer 11,2 at the cross with TF- 565 from El Roque to La Escalona through Jama
  • 563 (pk 7,5) from San Miguel to VilaFlor

 You can check the state of the roads in the following link:

Preventive measures taken due to the Tenerife fire remain the folowing being banned: 

  • any activity in the forrest
  • access to recreation areas in the mountains
  • driving on forest tracks
  • camping in the forrest

During press conferences on Wednesday the evaluation of the situation was: better

The evacuation of Vilaflor and Chirche residents were only preventive measures.

Also due the heat wave we suggest  to take into account the following tips if you are in Tenerife

Coastal resorts in South Tenerife not affected by fire


The blaze started in the Adeje highlands in the Ifonche area


Area affected by the fire

Firefighters battling to control the blaze in the hills of South Tenerife have been joined by three seaplanes from Spain’s Ministry of the Environment. From 11.00 hours this morning three aircraft began operating in the Guayero Canyon area (Guía de Isora), on the right flank to prevent the fire from spreading to the Vilaflor area. There are now seven aircraft (hydroplanes and helicopters) and 500 firefighters deployed to extinguish the fire.

The president of the Government of Tenerife, Ricardo Melchior, gave the press an update on the situation this afternoon. The fire covers an area of around 2,000 hectares in the mountains but coastal resorts are not affected.

 For safety reasons and also because access roads are closed, visitors and residents are advised not to attempt to visit the Teide National Park until further notice.

The authorities have imposed a ban on activities in the forests, access to recreation areas in the mountains and driving on forest tracks to prevent further fire outbreaks. There are several road closures to facilitate the movement of firefighting vehicles and the emergency services.


The roads blocked are: TF 38 (km 22) up to the La Estrella restaurant, the TF 21 at kilometre 67 (Vilaflor) and kilometer 47 (Parador Nacional), TF- 583, in Taucho, TF-585 TF in Tijoco Alto and TF-567 at kilometre 0, to Ifonche.

Apart from these restricted areas, visitors can move freely throughout the island. Both airports are operating normally.

For more information see


In the picture  you can see the area affected by the fire

Free guided Walking routes at Teide National Park with no difficulty

Let me Tell you something, there are 37 walking routes at Mount Teide National Park  already waiting for you. So, today, put on your hiking boots and let’s go hiking in Tenerife.

Mount Teide National Park walking routes
Mount Teide National Park walking routes


Walking routes in El Teide with different difficulties or lenght, all of them wonderful in a unique environment with lots of breathtaking landscapes.

Even if you are not fond of going hiking, al Mount Teide, you will find the perfect excuse to try. We suggest you two special  routes with no difficulty, and to make it even safer with Mount Teide National Park official guides.

Mount Teide National Park  offers you two guided walking routes that last two hours aprox, with English and Spanish guides with no difficulty a very low heigh difference, so all family welcome, including children, to enjoy our impressive volcanic landscape and learn from the experts about the history and wildlife.

FREE Guided walking routes at EL Teide*


  • Arenas Negras


circular walking route that starts and ends at El Portillo information Office

  • Heigh Difference: 50m aprox
  • Length: 4,2 Km aprox
  • Difficulty: low

You’ll enjoy Arenas Negras Volcanoes and views of LLano las Majas, also panoramics of Teide National Park

  • Roques de Garcia

This walking route takes us arround several volcanic necks:

  • Roque Cinchado
  • El Burro
  • El Torrotito, etc…

You’ll get to Ucanca’s plain.You’ll see lots of diferent volcanic formations and enjoy  typical canarian highlands wildlife

  • Heigh Difference: 40 m aprox
  • Length: 5,6 km aprox
  • Difficulty: low

Note: these routes are not the exact walking routes of Roques de Garcia or Arenas Negras, special itineraries through those routes are done

You need to book these walking routes in advance at Mount Teide National Park Office:

Telephone 00 34 922 922 371

Address Doctor Sixto Perera González nº25 . El Mayorazgo. La Orotava

38003 Santa Cruz de Tenerife

I highly recommend you to contact them with time in advance to do these routes on the dates you might have in mind as both are very demanded and popular, so  don’t leave it for the very last minute.

You can also ask for other guided walking routes in the National Park, If it’s posible they’ll do it Free of Charge.

Remember to take with you:

  • suitable shoes, trekking or hiking boots are the best
  • sunscreen protection , high one
  • water
  • fruit or dried fruitor nuts
  • cap
  • warm clothes

How to get to Mount Teide National Park?

If you are not hiring a car you can go by bus taking :

  • 348 from Puerto de la Cruz
  • 342 From Las Américas

Please check TITSA website for changes and timetable


*These walking routes may vary, always check with the Park office changes and schedule

Please, take care and respect the environment. We are all responsable of keeping the Park clean and respecting the rules.