La Gomera Forest Fire Official Update

La Gomera forest fire does not affect the active tourism, which makes the island such a different destination, rich with its unique global nature.

La Gomera fire map
La Gomera Fire Map

Although it is true that environmental damage is substantial, we must highlight the wide lengh of the park that remains intact, with its services (recreational areas, viewpoints, network of routes, rest areas and visitor center) as well as its rich ecosystem, which remains safe. Important areas of Laurisilva forest are kept in perfect condition, for the enjoyment of visitors.
Garajonay National Park, World Heritage, as well as other areas, will open its services once the fire is extinguished, the damages are assessed and the affected areas are recovered. On the other hand, as an alternative to visiting Garajonay National Park, visitors can also enjoy so many different outdoors activities in La Gomera, all related with the richness of the sea, whale watching and dolphins, watch “Los Organos cliff” from the sea, etc.
Both La Gomera and its habitants are performing exemplary behavior in these hard times, showing great strength and working together to recover the unique beauty of the island. We are receiving support messages from all over the world, stating their willingness to help in any way necessary. Teachers, tourists, families, etc., expressed his absolute readiness to contribute to the implementation of forestry work and visit the island as a gesture to help the speedy recovery of its unique treasure.
La Gomera Tourist Board

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