Tenerife Forest Fires latest August official update

Cabildo reports three wildfires under control


16 hectares affected




Tenerife – 16/08/2012


Tenerife Government reports today that the three wild fires have been brought under control.


The fires which broke out on Wednesday [15 August] on the island of Tenerife are now under control. The fire that started at 03.30 hours in the area of ​​Lomo Alto, near the Cruz del Castaño in the municipality of Los Realejos, was brought under control at 19.55 hours and has affected 12 hectares. At 15.00 hours, another fire broke out at Las Montañetas in La Esperanza, in the municipality of El Rosario. It was brought under control at 19.33 hours and has affected two hectares. The third wild fire broke out at 17.12 hours in La Orotava, on the Arco de Chimoche track above La Caldera, which has burned two hectares and was brought under control at 20.55 hours. The total area affected is 16 hectares.
The fire in Los Realejos has affected Canary Pine forest. The fire fighting resources deployed to the area by the Tenerife Government’s Environment Department consisted of :

  • 2 technicians,
  • 4 Prevex agents,
  • 5 brigades,
  • 4 pumpers,
  • 1mother pump,
  • 5 deterrents and 5 Wantac.
  • From the Teide National Park: 1 coordinator, 1 officer, 2 brigades and 1 fire engine were deployed.



The air assets were 4 helicopters and 3 seaplanes (which discharged their load in the area before heading for La Gomera).
The fire in Las Montañetas in La Esperanza has affected orchards, heather and brambles. The resources deployed were 1 technician, 2 Prevex agents, 2 brigades, 1 pumper, 1 wantac, 1 deterrent and 2 helicopters.
The fire in La Orotava, on the Arco de Chimoche track, the fire affected non native pine forest. The resources deployed were 2 technicians, 2 Prevex agents, 4 brigades, 1 pumper, 1 wantac as well as a brigade and a fire engine from the National Park and two helicopters.
Also noteworthy is the work carried out during the three fires by the Fire Brigades, the Civil Guard and the Local Police in the affected municipalities. Similarly, in the three hotspots firefighters have been working to cool down the area and extinguish the fire quickly.
The following roads have been opened to traffic: TF 21 from La Orotava to El Portillo and TF 24, which was blocked from kilometre 9 to kilometre 24.

The Department of the Environment of the Cabildo of Tenerife has highlighted the work carried out every day by the teams who have been working from 03.30 hours in the morning to put out the fire.


A special mention goes to the 22 people returning from La Gomera today after spending three days working in the centre of the right flank of the forest fire raging in the Garajonay National Park on the island of  La Gomera.



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