Tenerife Golf Tournaments 2013

These are the dates and Tournaments in Tenerife 2013 by Golf Course


Golf del Sur Tournaments 2013

Golf del Sur 2013 tournaments


  • June 23: Open Concept
  • June 26th: VII Tenerife – La Gomera circuit . Sandos San Blas Hotel Tournament
  • July 6th : I Foro amigos del Sur de Tenerife Tournament in aid of Spanish Cancer association #AECC
  • July 7th: VII Juvenil Tournament in Tenerife
  • August 10th: Open Concept
  • August 25: Chinyeros Tournament
  • September 14th: Amigolf ( Copa Presidente Fundraising Tournament in aid of Sonsoles Soriano Fundation)
  • September 22nd: Open Concept
  • October 5th: San Miguel Coast Tournament
  • October 12th: Amigolf 5th Tournament
  • October 26th: Play golf and get Jamón Serrano Tournament

Amarilla Golf Tournaments 2013

Amarilla Golf – Tenerife Sur


  • June 23: P&P Community Meeting
  • July 6th: Mr. Antonio Tavío Memorial Tournament
  • July 13th: Oasis FM Tournament
  • August 17th: Open Concept Tournament
  • August 25th: Youth Tournament
  • September 14th: John Lowe Classic
  • September 21st: Canal Plus II Circuit
  • September 24th: Interclub members
  • October 19th: XXIV Copa Presidente

Golf Las Americas Tournaments 2013

Tenerife – Golf Las Americas


Golf Costa Adeje Tournaments 2013

Costa Adeje Golf Course
  • July 27th: III Altoama Charity Golf Tournament
  • October 5th: Diario de Avisos Golf Tournament
  • October 9 – 12th: Spanish Seniors Golfers Association AESG

Tecina golf Tournaments 2013

La Gomera – Tecina Golf Course

Buenavista Golf Tournaments 2013

Tenerife – Buenavista Golf Course


  • June 15: Buenavista Golf Friends Tournament
  • June 16: Tenerife’s VII Youth Circuit
  • August 3rd: Seve Ballesteros Fundation Golf Challenge
  • August 31st: Audi – Canal Plus 2013 Circuit
  • September 14th: Isla Baja Tournament
  • October 26th: Buenavista Golf 10th Aniversary golf Tournament

Abama Golf Tournaments 2013

Tenerife – Abama Golf Course


  • August 24th: Tenerife – La Gomera Circuit 2013

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A Free guided magical walk in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Tenerife-Garcia-Sanabria-Park – Monuments


Garcia Sababria park in Santa Cruz is not a nice refreshing place to walk arround , enjoying lots of trees and plants varieties, it’s also an open air museum as it has some sculptures and monuments, fabulous pieces of art is strategic places in the park that are abviously an added value to do the Free guided walk in Santa Cruz at Garcia Sanabria Park.

García Sanabria Park ROUTE Information: 

  • Reservations: turismo.ImaginaSantaCruz@mcapaz.org
  • Meeting point: Flower Clock at García Sanabria Park every Friday at 11.00h
  • Duration: 90 m

 what monuments are we visiting at the free guided walk at García Sanabria?

 The magical walk  goes arround 9 sculptures and monuments:

  • Tribute to García Sanabria
  • Monument to cat
  • Instrocpective
  • Tribute to Gaudi
  • The seasons
  • Tribute to the Canary Islands
  • The Four figures
  • Labrynth
  • Monument to Climate

Happy magical walk!

But….wait a minute! There are more FREE guided visits you might find interesting:

Tenerife eco Restaurant Plaza in La Laguna

Healthy  and organic food are increasingly demanded day by day in our society. That’s why we decided to mention Restaurante Plaza at Hotel Laguna Nivaria but opened to general customers and which menu are 100% organic. All the ingredients of all the dishes at Restaurant Plaza menu come from their own organic farm or from eco providers.

Organic Menu Restaurant Plaza Tenerife

These are the fab dishes found in the winter menu at Restaurante Plaza by Chef Stephane Jaumain

Warm salad 

Warm salad with king prawns – Restaurante Plaza – la Laguna

Price: 12,50€

Smoked  Canarian Cheese grilled with red fruits and pineapple sauces

Grilled Cheese & sauces – Hotel Laguna Nivaria organic menu


Sauces were brilliant, with “real” fruit taste and not too sweet. Divine

Price: 10€

Beef carpaccio with mature cheese and coriander oil

Beef Carpaccio – Restaurant Plaza – La Laguna


Price: 8,60€

Peppers filled with veges and grilled with hollandaise sauce

Vegetarian Dish – Restaurant Plaza

Veges were al dente. A Perfect vegetarian dish

Price: 8,50€

Smoked salmon on sweet potatoes and caper grilled with hollandaise sauce

Fish Dish – Restaurante Plaza


Organic Salmon, homely smoked, not dry at all. At the time to serve drops of beetroot sauce are found that matches so well with this dish, one of my favourites.


Foie Pate with caramelized in wine onions

Foie paté – Organic Menu

Personally I found the caramelized onions more than fantastic. The ones in red wine with a fruity tasty, crunchy texture and the ones in white wine so delicate. I have to confess I’m a fan of both. They were my Favourites.

Price: 12€


I’m sorry to say the three other people at my table didn’t give  me the chance to take a picture, but our sweet end included:

  • Belgium chocolate mousse
  • Quesillo
  • Tarte Tatin

We shared the dishes above between four people and amounts were plenty for us.


And after such  a glorious lunch, I went upstairs to practice something that should be a must, siesta, in my favourite suite at Hotel Laguna Nivaria. A very special Suite as it has  a special place with a jacuzzi that I really recommend you to book if you are staying in La Laguna.

Suite Nivaria


Restaurant Rincon de Juan Carlos tasting menu – winter 2013

Dinning at Restaurant Rincón de Juan Carlos in Los Gigantes is more than an ultimate pleasure for me as it’s in the very top of my favourite restaurants in Tenerife list. If I’m told there’s a new tasting menu, then , pleasure multiplies.

Since I knew about the new autum-winter 2013 tasting menu, Restaurante Rincón de Juan Carlos became an obsesion but fortunately shared with great friends to book a table with.

we arrived sharp on time to find out  the restaurant had been redecorated. I liked it. ” Juan Carlos wants the star ( michellin one)”  – I thought, he confirmed it later . Not surprised, he deserves it.

New deco at Restaurant Rincon de Juan Carlos, Los Gigantes – Tenerife


Autum – winter 2013 El Rincon de Juan Carlos tasting menu

welcomed by a great glass of pink cava, picual olive oil and garlic and basil bread, my gastro adventure began.

Excited to try the new menu, dishes started to arrive to our table:

  • Picled tomatoes in garnacha vinegar and mint served in a funny  mason glass, like those we use at home when we make jams
  • Toasted chicken coca with smoked eel and teriyaki mayonaise and dried raspberry. Quite interesting and probably my favourite.
Eel & coca – so interesting


  • Gillardeau oysters with leechees vinegar, Persé caviar and mint came with Fruity white Albariño wine, with citric notes.Really fresh
Sensational oysters


  • Black pork neck with French truffle, mustard sprouts and truffles’ oil, with a hidden touch of salt and the fabulous parfume that goes with this elegant bite.


  • Flamed Lobster and green beans
Seafood dish


  • Goat meat dumplin with goat’s stock made without flour.
  • Mussels a la marinera with coconut and coriander sauce
  • San Pedro Fish with olive oil emulsion and herring roes
San Pedro Fish dish perfectly presented
  • Rus-Al-Hanout Lamb with cardamom, coriander and ginger as last dish  before dessert



  • Passion fruit parfait
  • Iced orange with cardamom icecream
Refreshing and digestive dessert


To sum up, El Rincon de Juan Carlos, exclusive dishes at an amazing affordable price

Reservations: info@elrincondejuancarlos.es or 922868040

Note: Pictures have all rights reserved and belong to  Jack Montgomery , writer and editor in Buzztrips among other digital publications