Barraquito Recipe

Tenerife is the universal capital of Barraquito. A tipe of coffee that has tones of loyal fans and , sorry for you, but you can’t get it at Starbucks. So, if you want a barraquito you have to come to Tenerife.

How do I prepare a barraquito?

Keep reading as we are sharing the recipe, but don’t forget, as with many other things, there are no two that would taste the same.

Barraquito Recipe

  • Barraquito ingredients:

    • Milk
    • Coffee ( espresso is the best)
    • Condensed Milk
    • Ground Cinnamon
    • A bit of lemon peel without the white to avoid a bitter taste
    • Licor 43, or Tia María if you can’t find it.
Barraquito Recipe



  • Barraquito preparation:
    • In a small and short bube glass we pour the condensed milk
    • add the black coffee and Licor 43
    • we make milk foamy. At any café they’ll do it with the coffee machine.
    • Add the lemon peel
    • decor with some cinamon on top


So there you have a great Barraquito with diferent colours:

  • white
  • black
  • yellow
  • brown

Let’s say this is the regular way to prepare and serve a barraquito, but in many places they make their own variety called ” Special House barraquito”, normaly by adding cream , spices, etc.

No matter what, if you come to Tenerife , try a Barraquito!

Free guided sculptures walk in Santa Cruz de Tenerife


What a fortune to  have a spring-like climate to enjoy pleasant walks in Santa Cruz!

Although we do not pay  much attention, an avenue as “La Rambla”, with its flamboyant trees, Palm trees, or Indian laurels, with their large jars filled with flowers, becomes a route with sculptural pieces that  well worth our attention.

To make it much easier every  Tuesdays you can join a guided and free visit leaving at 11.00 h from the Plaza de la Paz, where absolutely everything you want to know about the sculptures that are found in Santa Cruz  Rambla will be  explained, among which you will find:

  • El Guerrero de Goslar by  Henry Moore
  • Lorea by Ricardo Ugarte,
  • Islas by Jaume Plensa,
  • Ejecutores y Ejecutados by Xavier Corberó
  • Nivel by Joaquín Rubio
  • Untittled by Feliciano Hernández

On the route also will be offered information about Garcia Sanabria Park and buildings as the bullring, as well as many other interesting well by their  architecture well by their history.

An entertaining and instructive, fabulous excursion to discover the cultural heritage offered by Santa Cruz de Tenerife and at zero cost.

So, this time there is no excuse to miss this special activity.

You can get more information about the sculptural path by the Rambla de Santa Cruz in the following email:

This is not all. There are three more FREE walks with guide you may want to join as well:

FREE guided visit to Guimera Theatre in Santa Cruz de Tenerife



Discover the cities through the most emblematic buildings is a real pleasure, if you like the cultural shows, also architecture and history are of interesting for  you;  The capital of Tenerife invites you to visit the first theatre of the Canary Islands,  Teatro Guimerá, in the heart of the city with a series of completely free, and guided visits in two languages:

  • English
  • Spanish.

what days the Teatro Guimerá guided routes?

  • March:  2 and 16
  • April: 6 and 20
  • May: 4  and 18
  • June: 1st
  • July: Every wednesday

Two visits are made the appointed days at:

  • 11.00 h
  • 12.00 h

If you need more information please contact the organizers at:

  • phone: 922 28 0711
  • email:

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