Culinary Fest in Granadilla

Los Abrigos – Granadilla – Tenerife South


Who hasn’t  gone to eat fresh fish to Los Abrigos yet ? If you haven’t been, you don’t know what you are missing and now  you have no excuse because from May 17th  to June 9th  there is a culinary fest  dedicated to  oily fish  in Granadilla, ideal for moving and trying it  with wine from the area, fish like these wonderful mackerels are simply waiting for you.

Mackerel & papas arrugadas


Granadilla’s foodfest  also includes the following programme of events and local festivities for everybody:

  • Canarian Traditions Day: May 26th from 10.00h to 16.00h
  • Tapas and wine fest: May 31st from 19.00h to 23.00h in Granadilla
  • Traditional “taifas” dance: June 1st from 20.00h
  • Granadillas Arts and crafts Fair : 8th-9th June from 12.00h to 20.00h
  • San Antonio de Padua Romeria: June 9th at 13.00h in Granadilla


In addition the following local markets will be opening as:

  • El Medano: wednesdays from 08.00h to 14.00h
  • Los Abrigos: Tuesdays from 17.00 h to 20.00h
  • Granadilla: Thursdays from 08.00h to 14.00h


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