Mueca 2013 Festival in Tenerife – More than a cultural festival

Yesterday we said bye  to one of the best cultural festivals that are celebrated in Spain and takes place in the Puerto de La Cruz, Tenerife: MUECA

MUECA was born  as a festival designed to enjoy shows inside  a theatre . But  destiny wanted that the ceiling of the theatre suffered such great  damages and therefore  forcing the Organization to move Festival MUECA to the street, getting so it  became a reason for joining and enjoyed hugh local  , quite unexpected and extremely positive.



MUECA, became the Portuenses festival, an event that made them feel  proud of, that they feel as their own, as a sign of identity and a very important part of their lives.

Year after year the quality of MUECA  mantained an upward trajectory and its acceptance crossed international borders, becoming an  artistic, cultural and, of course, touristial attractive.

As we know, a festival like MUECA  costs quite a lot so due  to budgetary reasons was not held for two consecutive years causing a great sadness for residents and interested in culture,that’s why a  platform saw the light and  managed to get MUECA  back invading the streets of Puerto de la Cruz in 2012. A platform of busineses and social cooperation organized events and provided the necessary budget to celebrate the Festival again.

The result is described in a word: success.

MUECA 2013 has surpassed the previous edition. A Street Festival, a Festival for the whole family, with themed streets:

  • magic,
  • music,
  • image,
  • Word,
  • movement,

and several scenarios all over Puerto de La Cruz.

The overcrowding is unthinkable because  activities are  out, and many are repeated, varying  day, place and hour, in different locations of  Puerto de la Cruz.

From 10.00 am to 00.30 h:

  • concerts,
  • stories,
  • photography,
  • magic,
  • graffity,
  • theatre,
  • House of terror,
  • jazz,
  • salsa,
  • mimes,
  • balancing act,
  • humor,
  • gastronomy,
  • Planetarium,
  • workshops, etc…

A festival without age, suitable for children, young people, couples, adults, that and more is MUECA.

Don’t miss out in 2014, we are waiting for  you in  Puerto de la Cruz.

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