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Tenerife Vineyards in Tegueste by bike


Tegueste Town Hall is happy to invite all the visitors on holidays in Tenerife in  to see the great landscapes this Vineyards route in Tegueste can offer to those keen on the rural side of the island and that can be done by:

Tenerife-Tegueste vineyards by bike, by car or on foot


This route is dedicated to the past and current agricultural activities in the areas, with a very important presence of  vineyards that so good wines  produce for our joy.


How to get to Tegueste by Bus? 

Check  for changes and schedule.

If you prefer you can join the following very cheap guided routes in Tegueste with great explanations by real experts, and if you need an specific information about Tegueste contact via e mail:

Download  this map of routes in Tegueste, so you want get lost.



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