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Free Guided walking tour arround Santa Cruz old town

Concepción Church in Santa Cruz de Tenerife


Santa Cruz de Tenerife has a historic centre easy to walk , where trendy restaurants and entertainment venues live together with emblematic and representative buildings in our small capital.

If  walls could speak! … who knows what they would say!

As this is not even remotely possible, what it is for sure is  a historic route Santa Cruz de Tenerife through with a few  great guides  that will take you through the following places:

The guided tour is for FREE

What days is the guided tour in the old town of Santa Cruz de Tenerife?

Mondays and Wednesdays starting from the Plaza de la Concepción at 11.00 h

if you want more information simply contact:

So as you already know, you just need:  comfortable shoes, camera or mobile phoneto discover the history of Tenerife. I am sure that it  will surprise you.

Don’t forget to check the following guided visits in Santa Cruz:


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