PWA Windsurf world championship 2013 in El Médano – Tenerife

If you  are fond of windsurf PWA Windsurf world championship 2013 in El Médano, Tenerife is waiting for you from August the 3rd till August the 9th with waves discipline

Gollito with one hand


If you’ve been arround El Médano maybe you have had the chance to see how  a few of the best windsurfers train for next PWA Competition in Tenerife – El Médano, which can be followed online here

You can cheer the canarians:

  • Daida Ruano
  • Iballa Ruano
  • Darío Ojeda
Daida and Iballa Ruano

Or your favourite  international ones:


  • Philip Köster from Germany,
  • Víctor Fernández,
  • Ricardo Campello from Venezuela
  • Marcilio Brown  from Brazil,
  • Martin Ten Hoeve from Holland
  • Dany Brunch
  • Alex Mussolini
  • Adam Lewis…

Weather conditions make El Medano the perfect spot for windsurf competitions which you can check online as well to get information about:

  • wind speed,
  • wind gusts,
  • wind direction,
  • wave,
  • wave direction
  • wave periods,etc…

Check also your accomodation in El Médano or nearby before it’s too late  to find the place you have in mind.

If you are not hiring a car, take note of the following bus lines that will take you to El Medano:

  • Line 116 from and to Santa Cruz
  • Line 483 from and to Costa Adeje
  • Line 470 From and to Granadilla and Los Cristianos

Check at frequency or changes.

See you in El Médano!



Tenerife Fest Costa San Miguel 2013

Every Saturday in August 2013 you can enjoy II Fest Costa San Miguel in Tenerife South and know a bit more about our culture through this great Festival




II Fest Costa San Miguel  2013 Programme

August 3rd  San Blas Shopping Centre at 20.30h

  • Folk groups performances:
    • AC Chaveña
    • AC Aldea Blanca
  • Canarian stick fighting

August 10th at Aguamarina Hotel beach promenade at 20.30h

Folk groups performances:

  • AC Amanecer Guanche
  • Agrupación Amigos de Abona

August 17th at San Blas Shopping Centre at 20.30h

Folk groups performances:

  • AC Guargazal
  • Agrupación amigos de Abona

August 24th at Sandos San Blas Hotel

  • 19.30h: Canarian wrestling
  • 20.15h: Folk performance by AC Guargazal

August 31st at San Blas Shopping Centre :20.30 h Closing ceremony

  • Folk Performances by:
    • AC Chaveña
    • AC Parranda Aldea Blanca
    • Igara
  • Canarian stick fighting

Tenerife – Casablanca first direct Flight

Royal  Air Maroc  Airlines will contect Tenerife with Casablanca, Morrocco,  three times a week.

Tenerife – Casablanca direct flight

Tenerife via Royal Air Maroc new direct flight route will conect with 23 African destinations.

  From next October 26th 2013 Royal Air Maroc, RAM, will connect Tenerife for the first time with Casablanca every:

  • Monday,
  • Wednesday and
  • Sunday.

This new route means to connect Tenerife with other 23 African destinations without flying from Madrid or Barcelona.

Royal Air Maroc has already started to sell tickets,  Tenerife – Casablanca, which will be operated by an ATR with 70 passengers plus business class capacity.

After 30 months’ test Royal Air Maroc will consider to increase the frequency of this route between Tenerife and Morocco.

Mohamed V Airport in Casablanca, Royal Air Maroc hub, makes possible for travelers to connect with 20 African and 55 International destinations the same day.

Nowadays Morocco is an emerging market and Casablanca is the centre of business and financial activity, where the main national and international companies have based their headquarters.

In addition, Souss Massa Draa is the region that has the best relations with Tenerife and offers great business opportunities for our island. Government keep important agreements with local authorities, such as waste management between others.


If you need any further information keep in touch with us in:

Twitter : @visit_Tenerife

Facebook : Visittenerife


Tenerife Tourist Board and British Airways promote Tenerife

A group of British Journalists have had the chance of visiting Tenerife’s main attractives during a promotional action in the island in which it was included:

  • Anaga’s rural Park excursion,

  • whale and dolphin watching,

  • wine tasting,

  • sightseeing in Santa Cruz, La Orotava and La Laguna,

  • luxury hotels in the South, etc….

British -Airways-press-trip-to-Tenerife
Journalists from British Media in Tenerife

The different media that took part in this trip are from Gatwick airport surrounding area were:

  • “Isle of Wight County Press :32.724 readers;

  • “The Argus” :19.199 readers

  • “Surrey Times” 25.136 readers;

  • “Star Courier” 62.449 readers;

  • Working Informer 27.805 readers

  • “West Sussex County Times” 19.501 readers,

  • “The Sunday Mirror”, a National publication with 1.3 million readers

There is  a five times a week direct flight to Tenerife South Airport from Gatwick with 2.200 monthly travellers by British Airways  and this route was highly demanded by  four and five stars hotelliers who knew there are high class British visitors that prefer flying in business class and book luxury hotels

Tenerife Oasis FM Cyder Cup Golf Tournament 2013

Ready for another another awesome charity golf challenge in Tenerife? Cool!

Please don’t miss Tenerife Oasis FM Cyder cup Gof Tournament 2013 at Amarilla Golf Course on July  13th 2013

Tenerife Oasis FM Golf Tournament – Amarilla Golf


How much does it cost to register for Oasis Fm Golf Tournament?

60€ per person costs this Oasis FM Charity Golf  Tournament to raise money for Helping Hands Tenerife and it includes:


Restaurant – Amarilla golf Course


There’ll  be 2 teams with 50 people in each:

  • Team Oasis FM with Roscoe and Chris Elkington as captains.
  • Team Blacktower FM with Adi Benson and Ally Kerr as captains

Please contact Oasis FM if you need  any further information or want to participate in this great golf challenge and enjoy the event

Tenerife Government bans fires and work in mountains due to heat wave – July 2013

General public should avoid forest and woodland areas Tenerife 09.07.2013

To prevent forest and wild fires, from today Tuesday, 9 July 2013, the Government of Tenerife (Cabildo de Tenerife) has enforced a ban on certain activities in the mountains all over the island, following the Spanish Met Office’s forecast (AEMET) for extremely high temperatures expected to last until the weekend.



The ban prohibits from today the lighting of any fires in the recreation and barbecue areas in the mountains, any burning of agricultural or forest waste and lighting bonfires.

Also banned is work with machinery or tools and the use of anything that could cause sparks in agricultural and forestry areas, such as brush cutters and welding equipment.  Fireworks displays in the area of risk and in areas close to dry vegetation where wildfire could spread are banned. Also, the public is advised to avoid transit through forested areas until the ban is lifted. These measures will remain in force as long as the dry weather conditions persist greatly increasing the risk of wildfires. As part of the plan for the prevention of forest fires, the Cabildo of Tenerife has issued a plea to the general public to avoid going into the mountains during the heat wave whenever possible.   The island’s Department for Forestry and Fire Management has already put its emergency services on standby so they are ready to act if a high risk situation occurs.

Tasca El Callejon Meatballs with goat cheese sauce tapa

Until the end of July 2013 there is a great Tapas route  going on in Santa Cruz de Tenerife called Soho Tapas Route.

Tasca El Callejón is taking part in this gastro challenge with a great tapa and I also got the full recipe by Chef Sebastián Morales, “Chano”, so let’s get all the ingredients to make it at home.

Meatballs & cheese sauce - Tasca El Callejón

Meatballs with goat cheese recipe

  • Meatballs Ingredients:

    • Yearly calf minced meat – 1 kg
    • onion – 1
    • garlic – 2 tsp
    • cumin powder- 2tsp ( depending on your taste)
    • mustard – like the one you use for hot-dogs
    • black pepper powder
    • eggs – 2
    • salt
    • breadcrumbs
  • Goat cheese sauce ingredients:

    • cream – 1/2 l
    • grated mature goat cheese – 1/2 l
    • Black pepper in powder
    • salt
    • oregano – 200gr.
  • Meatballs preparation:

    • In a pan with olive oil we stirfry the onion, garlic and other spices, once done we mix it with the minced meat and we wait till it’s cold enough.
    • Add 2 eggs and the mustard, then mix it with your hands.
    • Make the meatballs and roll them with breadcrumbs and fry.
  • Goat Cheese sauce preparation:

    • Boil the cream and reserve.
    • Add the cheese and spices.
    • Mix well.

You can present the dish as  in the picture .  Have a cool Tinto de Verano with it. But if you order this tapa you can also have a glass of beer of house wine during the SOHO tapas route for as little as 2,5o€

Good apetite

Tinto de Verano at Tasca El Callejón in Tenerife

It’s a bit hot in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, we are at summer time and I feel thirsty. Quick look at the time in my mobile and , oh yeah! Cocktail o’clock! Perfect time to go to Tasca el Callejón for a cold Tinto de verano.

This time I  also took advantage of Luis Yanes who offered me a seat as fast as he could, and I decided to try to ask for Tinto de verano recipe to try it at home ans see if I could impress some friends, so let’s go for a Tinto de verano!

Tinto de verano cocktail – Tenerife


Tinto de verano recipe

Tinto de verano ingredients:

  • Good quality young or crianza red wine.
  • Banana liqueur.
  • Green apple liqueur.
  • Some slices of lemon and orange.

Tinto de verano preparation:

  • Put the sliced fruit and the ice in the glass you will use to serve the drink.
  • Add banana liqueur.
  • Add Green apple liqueur.
  • Pour the red wine and don’t stir.

Tinto de verano will be divided in two coloured areas and guest is the one to stir the drink.

The price of a great Tinto de verano at Tasca el Callejón  is: 3,50€

This particular tinto de verano recipe was created by an awesome team at tasca EL Callejón:

  • David Barroso,
  • Esther Herrera and
  • Luis Yanes

Fancy one? Come to order one and ask for a few tapas as I did:

  • Jamón ibérico Corquettes


  • Tuna pickle

Both included in a menu designed by Braulio Simancas that is perfectly elaborated by ” Chano” , Sebastián Morales.


where is Tasca EL CALLEJON in Tenerife?

Callejón del Combate Nº9 – Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Telephone: 00 34 922 24 49 76




Mount Teide National Park Free Audioguides

Obviously Mount Teide National Park is a must if you are in Tenerife and you love nature. It’s the most visited National Park in Spain and there are many interesting walking routes you might be interested,, that’s why we suggest you to Download the Free Mount Teide National Park audioguides.

Mount Teide National Park Free Audioguides in English
Mount Teide National Park Free Audioguides in English

How many Mount Teide Audioguides are there available?

There are 38 Mount Teide National Park audiaoguides available to download about several topics:

  • walking routes
  • view points
  • visitor’s centres
  • Tourist information offices
  • endemic species
  • Mount Teide fauna
  • Mount Teide flora, etc…

Click here to download any of these Mount Teide National Park 38 Free audioguides in English

It’s a great way to get some interesting and useful information before coming to Tenerife or right at Mount Teide National Park to make your day even more complete.

You can also enjoy Free Teide  Guided tours or hire your private guided excursion.

Please don’t forget bus lines to El Teide National Park are:

  • 342 – From an to Costa Adeje
  • 348 – From and to Puerto de la Cruz.

Check for price, frequency and updates

If you do any route , have a nice pic at the National park or have any questions , contact us in Facebook or twitter: