Tinto de Verano at Tasca El Callejón in Tenerife

It’s a bit hot in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, we are at summer time and I feel thirsty. Quick look at the time in my mobile and , oh yeah! Cocktail o’clock! Perfect time to go to Tasca el Callejón for a cold Tinto de verano.

This time I  also took advantage of Luis Yanes who offered me a seat as fast as he could, and I decided to try to ask for Tinto de verano recipe to try it at home ans see if I could impress some friends, so let’s go for a Tinto de verano!

Tinto de verano cocktail – Tenerife


Tinto de verano recipe

Tinto de verano ingredients:

  • Good quality young or crianza red wine.
  • Banana liqueur.
  • Green apple liqueur.
  • Some slices of lemon and orange.

Tinto de verano preparation:

  • Put the sliced fruit and the ice in the glass you will use to serve the drink.
  • Add banana liqueur.
  • Add Green apple liqueur.
  • Pour the red wine and don’t stir.

Tinto de verano will be divided in two coloured areas and guest is the one to stir the drink.

The price of a great Tinto de verano at Tasca el Callejón  is: 3,50€

This particular tinto de verano recipe was created by an awesome team at tasca EL Callejón:

  • David Barroso,
  • Esther Herrera and
  • Luis Yanes

Fancy one? Come to order one and ask for a few tapas as I did:

  • Jamón ibérico Corquettes


  • Tuna pickle

Both included in a menu designed by Braulio Simancas that is perfectly elaborated by ” Chano” , Sebastián Morales.


where is Tasca EL CALLEJON in Tenerife?

Callejón del Combate Nº9 – Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Telephone: 00 34 922 24 49 76




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