Intensive Tenerife Part 1

A 4-day trip – don’t be a tourist, be a traveller!

By plane, car, boat and the most authentic one: by our own feet

Day 1:

So excited to finally start our journey in Tenerife, explore the island and get to know more about the culture, traditions and its people, we arrived at the South Airport. We were picked up by a guide called Carlos (for individual tours, here the official association 0034 922 57 46 75), went to our hotel to leave the luggage and then… let’s change clothes ;-). No not a swimsuit… First the underskirt, then the colorful skirt over it with the little pom poms, the apron, a white blouse, the red bodice with handmade embroidery, a green cape, a yellow bandana and on top a hat. Does not sound like an outfit for the beach or pool??? Or do you need to be dressed like this in Tenerife? Is it an everyday outfit??? No, today we had been invited to a special festival – a traditional pilgrimage in the town La Orotava, located in the north of the island.


Borrow a dress at Casa Reyes

Get dressed

Romeria_La Orotava2012 (153)

The so-called Romerías are one of the most unique and traditional expressions of folklore and culture in the Canary Islands.  The patron saint of each village is brought out in procession and is honoured with folk music and traditional cuisine (marinade meat, eggs, potato, seasonal fruit) and lots of wine. Everything is pulled on carts by cows or oxen and the food and wine is given out freely to the visitors.

Romeria La Orotava

Romeria La Orotava, oxen pulling cart

These processions have been associated for centuries to agriculture and livestock, celebration and thanksgiving for a good harvest season.

Each area has its own traditional peasant dress, “traje de mago”, and the streets and balconies are adorned with baskets of fruit and vegetables, carpets, flags and working tools.


An authentic experience that is strongly recommended if you are interested in getting into touch with local people and want to know more about their culture. We had a lot of fun, a lot of good wine and delicious food. By the way the Canarian people are really friendly and enjoy sharing their traditions. And the historical flair of the town La Orotava with its delightful architecture, in the heart of the beautiful green valley, is absolutely gorgeous…

Romeria La Orotava, music

Another wonderful tradition is the Corpus Christi with its the colorful carpets, which are made from different colored volcanic sands from the highland areas of Cañadas del Teide and with flower power, beautiful colored petals and seeds.

Corpus Christi, sand carpet

So don’t be a tourist, be a traveller and take the chance to visit one of the Romerias during the next months till October:

Romería de la Esperanza: August 3, La Esperanza (El Rosario)

Romería de San Agustín: August 30, Arafo

Romería de San Roque: August 16, Garachico

Romería del Socorro: September 7 and 8,  Güimar

Romería de San Miguel: September 21,  San Miguel de Abona

Romería de Adeje:  October 19, Adeje


I hope you enjoyed this little excursion. Next week more about our exciting trip to Tenerife.

Thanks for reading.

Yours, Eileen

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