Intensive Tenerife Part 4

Intensive Tenerife

A 4-day trip – don’t be a tourist, be a traveller!

By plane, car, boat and the most authentic one: by our own feet

Day 4
Today I’ll tell you more about our 4-day trip to the wonderful island Tenerife, especially about my peaceful experience in the ecological treasure: the Isla Baja (Low Island). Early in the morning we got up to explore the north-east of Tenerife. I still can feel the warm sun on my skin, highlighting the mountains, drawing contrasts and the shadows and the light reflected by the sea – a real treat for your eyes… And there is no doubt; the volcano really did a great job by creating those unique shapes in the Teno Rural Park. It seems like someone had put a green blanket on the mountains which fall down to the sea with their wrinkles…

Teno 2


Teno 1
First of all we went to the charming village Garachico which once was the commercial capital of the island. It still preserves its traditional flavor. The richness of the local scenery and its architecture is absolutely remarkable. Apart from Garachico 3 other districts belong to the Isla Baja: Buenavista del Norte, Los Silos and El Tanque

Garachico 1



Garachico 2
I really fell in love with the small hotels there, so cute and really beautiful… So for your stay I recommend you the “casas rurales” (rural houses) or small charming hotels. It’s the most typical accommodation with an authentic flair and a family atmosphere.

Hotel El Patio

Hotel San Roque

Hotel San Roque 2
And in general, to whom do I recommend the Isla Baja?
It’s one of the parts of the island where you should go if you are looking for a haven of tranquility. It’s perfect for all those of you that want to be close to nature and want to spend a holiday far away from mass tourism… The Teno Rural Park offers a lot of possibilities for outdoor activities but you also can simply enjoy the quiet of the countryside.
For instance, you can take a dip in a volcanic rock pool. You can find them along the coast, in the whole area.

Natural seawater swimming pools
After our visit in Garachico, we have had a demonstration of a unique technique developed by the Canarians centuries ago to be able to do quick and agile movements in steep terrain. The so-called shepherd’s leap (Spanish: Salto del pastor) is practised throughout the Canary Islands and it’s still a spectacular folk sport.
The practitioner leaps down from heights of up to eight metres, jamming his/her garrotte into the ground below and then sliding down the pole.
We were really impressed by the demonstration and they even invited us for lunch:
– Salad with cured cheese and honey
– Papas arrugadas, fish and Mojo Sauce, which means: wrinkled potatoes, the famous Mojo Sauce and grilled fresh fish
– Fig ice cream cake with hot chocolate sauce/topping

Fish, potatoes, mojo
Mmmmmmm… Everything was extremely delicious.
It definitely was an intensive trip for all our senses… Tenerife has so many things, places, tidbits to offer… All the impressions and the experiences I gained in only 4 days, gave me so much power and energy and I know in Tenerife you can have it all: active tourism, all types of sports, or just relax, see exotic animals and plants, diversity of landscape (from different colored beaches to the highest peak in Spain!) if you want to stay in a holiday resort with your family or prefer an idyllic, peaceful place to enjoy with your sweetheart…
I´ll come back! So, see you in Tenerife 😉

Best regards, Eileen


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