Archipiélago Renting now has more vans on hire

They are committed to having the best commercial vehicles on hire to cater for every professional need


Archipiélago Renting has just added new models of commercial vehicles to meet the growing demand in the past few months.

Being specialised in van hire, Archipiélago Renting has the latest models of Ford Custom Van FT250 L1 and Ford Connect Van FT210 L1. In addition, they now also offer Courier Kombi and Transit Van FT350 L3.

All these new models improve their current catalogue of vehicles available to hire or long-term rental. Thus Archipiélago Renting has become one of the sector’s leading companies. In general, operations have risen in the past six months so purchasing new units was necessary in order to meet the needs of Canaries professionals.

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