Film!CanaryIslands brings 6K underwater shooting to the islands

“AQUA TECHNICA” housing adapted to RED EPIC DRAGON

Film!CanaryIslands underwater shooting
Film!CanaryIslands underwater shooting

Based in Tenerife, Film!CanaryIslands S.L. is one of Europe’s leading specialists in underwater shooting for film & TV productions. Its team of diving technicians and specialist underwater equipment have been working on numerous TV shows, commercials, music videos and movies for more than 10 years, across the Canary Islands and beyond.

In recent months the company has been investing in new technology and equipment, bringing the latest and best in underwater shooting to the islands. Their RED Epic cameras have been fitted with the latest DRAGON sensors, and with the acquisition of a set of 8 Cooke S4i Mini lenses, the cameras can now be used to their full 6K potential underwater.

Already the company has been employed to shoot an number of high profile productions, most notably the feature films “Ma Ma” directed by Julio Medem starring Penelope Cruz, and “Project Lazarus”, directed by Mateo Gil and starring Tom Hughes. Both of these productions made use of the services of FilmCanaryIslands’ DoP and underwater cameraman, Andy McLeod, a technician with 15 years experience in underwater filming who says: “Before we had the Cooke S4i Minis and Dragon Sensors, we were shooting in 4 or 5K, which in itself was fantastic, but to be able to use the full Dragon 6K sensor, not only gives us a bit more resolution to play with, but also gives us a wider angle of view, which is a big bonus whilst filming underwater”.

Since putting the new underwater system into service, the company has also travelled abroad to shoot underwater, including trips to Morocco, Portugal and the UK. “it makes me very proud that international producers call on the expertise of a company based in the Canary Islands, and are willing to bring our experience to other countries”, says FilmCanaryIslands producer, Norbert A Schilling.

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