Five Michelin stars sparkle in Tenerife cusine

The island’s gastronomy is one of its big attractions for tourists


The 2016 edition of the prestigious Michelin Guide has once more acknowledged the extraordinary quality of Tenerife cuisine, by giving five stars to restaurants on the island. The latest in joining the list is El Rincón de Juan Carlos, which has just achieved its first star. It is joined by the restaurants M.B. and Kabuki, both at the Abama Resort & Spa in Guía de Isora (which retain the stars they already had, two and one respectively), and Kazán in Santa Cruz de Tenerife (which also keeps the star it obtained last year).

Tenerife is the only Canary Island with Michelin stars thanks to its gastronomy, which has been able to combine traditional dishes with other more innovative ones to create a culinary option that —through hundreds of restaurants spread all over the island— now holds its own as a tourist attraction.

Original and diverse cuisine


Tenerife gastronomy is made from products that stand out for their freshness, one of its greatest identifying features. The fish and the meat and, of course, all of the garden produce make delicious dishes featuring stars such as potatoes, bananas and honey.

Tenerife wines deserve a special mention. The volcanic origins of the island have favoured original and diverse wines, at times produced in unlikely conditions due to weather or orography. These particularities can be appreciated in the five certified designations of origin in Tenerife: Abona, Tacoronte-Acentejo, Ycoden-Daute-Isora, Valle de Güímar and Valle de La Orotava.

Saborea Tenerife product club

Part of the explanation of the progress experienced by Tenerife cuisine over recent years is the Saborea Tenerife product club. It integrates the growers, the markets, the chefs, the winemakers and everyone who has anything to do with the island’s gastronomy.

The pooling of professional sectors and public initiatives makes up a club where diverse activities coincide, such as gastronomy with alternative leisure activities, active tourism, nature tourism, cultural tourism, wine tourism, accommodation, local production, specialist means of communication and many of the current varieties of tourist experience that mark the difference and singularity of top holiday destinations.

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