Let’s meet at Cannes Marché du Film


We’ll be there to explain the 35% tax rebate from 14th to 17th May

Marché du Film - Cannes

Tenerife Film Commission will be at “Marchè du Film” in the umbrella stand “Canary Islands Film” situated in the Cinema from Spain stand (A5). We´ll be there to tell you all about tax incentives for feature films, drama series, documentaries and animation in the Canary Islands. Besides, we’re presenting the services offered by 33 local companies and the wide range of locations available on the Island.

Tenerife, La Palma, and Gran Canaria Film Commissions will be present at the Canary Islands Film stand this year with the support of the Government of the Canary Islands.

To arrange a meeting please write to film@webtenerife.com or call us on +34 647346462.



+34 647346462

Tenerife to promote animation and videogame sector

While Tenerife gets more and more recognition as a film location, a new activity with great development potential is now gaining strength on the Island: the animation and videogames industry.

©Lightbox Animation Studio  - Picture from "Capture the Flag"
©Lightbox Animation Studio – Picture from “Capture the Flag”

A report commissioned by Cabildo de Tenerife (Island Government) has concluded that the infrastructure –supercomputer for rendering- the professionalism, the creative talent plus the tax system available on the Island are great qualities that make Tenerife the perfect place to develop and expand this industry.

Tenerife Science and Technology Park will put in place a 2D and 3D audiovisual and animation training programme so that the Island can offer qualified professionals to meet the requirements of production companies.

They will also attend specialised fairs and markets to show the projection this sector has in Tenerife.

More info at www.tenerifefilm.com  film@webtenerife.com +34 647346462

Film shootings bring a record 19 million Euros in 2015

The Island welcomed 88 productions in 2015, 20 more than the previous year

© Nuria Machado - "Kilory" shooting
© Nuria Machado – “Kilory” shooting

Last year Tenerife welcomed 88 productions, 10 of which were feature films (two more than in 2014), including “Jason Bourne”, with star Matt Damon in the leading role; and “Project Lazarus”, by Canaries director Mateo Gil. In addition to its qualities as a film location, Tenerife also offers post-production services through its HPC-Teide supercomputer, the second most powerful in Spain which is already being used for animation, as in for example “Capture the flag” last year.

Apart from films, in 2015 there were photo shoots (21), commercials (21) and TV programmes (16), including one of the episodes of the BBC “Dr. Who” series, TV programmes “Masterchef”, “Masterchef Junior” and “Volando Voy” —hosted by popular  presenter Jesús Calleja— or commercials for brands like Adolfo Domínguez, Suzuki, Iberia or Lamborghini.  By country of origin, most production companies were from Germany (24), Spain (22) and the UK (16). Overall, in 2015 there were 525 shooting days and TFC answered a total of 212 requests.

From 2000, the Island has hosted 1,126 film productions. The best-known titles in these 15 years are “Clash of the Titans” and “Wrath of the Titans” (2010-2011, USA), “Una hora menos en Canarias” (2010, Spain), “Fast and Furious 6” (2013, USA), “Nadie quiere la noche” orFelices 140, which are both Spanish productions shot in 2014.

Coming in 2016

Several productions have chosen to shoot on the Island this year including:

–       “Oro”, by director Agustín Díaz Yanes starring Raúl Arévalo, Óscar Jaenada and José Coronado and the special appearance of Juan Diego. Based on a short story by best-selling author Arturo Pérez-Reverte, it is the story of the expedition of 16th Century Spanish conquerors Lope de Aguirre and Núñez de Balboa who ventured into the Amazon jungle in search of a mythical city that was believed to be built of gold. It is a co-production of Apache Films, Atresmedia Cine, Telefónica Studios and Sony Pictures Spain.

–       “En zona hostil”. Directed by Adolfo Martínez, the cast includes Ariadna Gil, Roberto Álamo, Antonio Garrido, Raúl Mérida, Marian Hernández and Ruth Gabriel. It is based on real events which happened to Spanish troops deployed in Afghanistan. It is produced by Tornasol Films, Hernández y Fernández P.C., and Castafiore Films.

More at www.tenerifefilm.com

Studio Indie Capital Partners offers tax rebate management and financing


The company has opened an office in the Canary Islands to attract productions and offer the tax benefits available in the region

Studio Indie offers production and post-production services through their three lines of business: Studio Indie Production, Studio Indie Service, and Studio Indie Capital Partners.


In 2015 several film companies and professionals joined together to set up Studio Indie, a film consortium based on the Canary Islands with the aim of attracting national and foreign productions that wish to benefit from the tax advantages offered by the Canaries tax regime.

The partners at Studio Indie are Babieka and Kanzamán, production and service production companies respectively; Cinelab, experts in post-production and technological solutions; and Jesús del Cerro, director and producer with wide experience in film and television production.

Why choose Studio Indie?

International presence: Studio Indie has offices in Spain, Romania, France, Morocco and Monaco among other countries. Studio Indie attends all the national and International film markets and festivals.

Funding: in Studio Indie “we are part of your project”. They get involved in the funding and co-investment thanks to the tax breaks available in the Canary Islands. They manage the TAX REBATE and EQUITY FUND. They are also present in very competitive production areas like Romania.

Experience: their partners include companies with wide experience in film and television international productions who have been working for over twenty years.


-“Uruguay” 2016. Director: Jesús del Cerro (Studio Indie). Producer: Actoire du Film

-“Cold Skin”. 2015. Director: Xavier Gens. Producer: Babieka

-“Far From Here”. 2015. Director: James Pillon. Producer: Studio Indie

-“Pregnant in Romanía”. 2015. Director Jesús del Cerro. Producer: Studio Indie

-“The Second Best Exotic Hotel Marigold” (2014). Producer: Babieka.

-“Tomorrowland” (2014). Director: Brad Bird. Producer: Babieka

-“The Dictator” (2012).Director: Larry Charles. Production Services: KANZAMAN

-“Greenzone” (2010). Director: Paul Greengrass. Production Service: KANZAMAN.

Studio Indie Capital Partners has been a member of Tenerife Film Commission since February 2016.  With the several projects in progress on the Islands right now we wish to position ourselves as the benchmark for film production in the Canary Islands in the future.

Studio Indie Capital Partners

Tel: +34 661 490 352

Mail: luisfanjul@studioindie.com

C/ Méndez Núñez, 52 – 2º izda. 38002 Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Islas Canarias

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Tenerife for the perfect family holiday

The island is an ideal  for young and old

When a family is looking for a holiday spot where everyone can have a great time, many automatically think of Tenerife. Why? The island is a close, accessible destination with an annual average temperature of 22 degrees centigrade and above all, it offers almost endless possibilities for having fun.

A family trip involves toying with an idea: that the location for a few days of fun and relaxation is different enough from back home but, at the same time, you do not have to travel halfway around the world to get there. Tenerife usually comes to mind because it is only about four hours’ flight time from Europe. In under a day, you can travel to the island of eternal spring. When you land on the island, its pleasant traditional atmosphere welcomes you and it’s perfect for outdoor activities every day of the year; and if you have children, that’s crucial.


Theme parks for young and old

One of Tenerife’s big selling points for families are water theme parks. Siam Park in Costa Adeje, is the largest water park in Europe and the best in the world according to Travel Advisor. Inspired by the Kingdom of Siam, it offers incredible slides, tropical gardens and attractions like a large white sandy beach with an artificial wave pool. Loro Parque in Puerto de la Cruz, is one of those places you must visit. Penguins, gorillas, otters, sharks, and orcas … Nature in all its splendor in a unique area considered the best zoo in Europe also (also according to TripAdvisor).

There are very many more alternatives, for example in the south of the island. Families can roam around Jungle Park with all kinds of free flying exotic birds and birds of prey plus 500 species of animals and tunnels, bridges, waterfalls, lagoons and caves. For an adrenaline rush, it’s best to go racing at Karting de Tenerife.

Aqualand is a water park offering not only water attractions but also dolphin shows. If you want to feel like a true explorer, head for Pyramids of Güímar Ethnographic Park, which offers several routes outdoors where little ones have a very important mission: to unravel the secrets of the six ancient and mysterious stepped pyramids. If your kids feel like playing and having fun in the countryside, Forestal Park offers all family members the chance to swing on zip lines among towering pines of the Esperanza Mountains.


Who said museums weren’t fun? 

The Museum of Science and the Cosmos in La Laguna invites you to discover the fun part of science through experiments and gadgets that you can touch and play with. For those interested in the origin of the island’s indigenous culture, the Museum of Nature and Man in Santa Cruz displays well preserved mummies and pottery that belonged to the Guanches, the first settlers on the island.

Star gazing and whale watching


Kids will love seeing the stars while adults are fascinated by the unfathomable vastness of the universe. Tenerife, especially Teide National Park, is one of the best spots in the world for stargazing thanks to the clean air and purity of the sky. An original activity for the whole family especially if you hire the services of a specialized company with Starlight Guides offering expert knowledge, long-range telescopes and even dinner at high altitude. Teide National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is an attraction in itself for its volcanic landscapes that look like another planet. Dedicating one day to discover the park and the majestic volcano Mount Teide is a terrific idea and don’t miss a ride up the cable car to get close to the crater (you need a permit – apply online).

Another of the island’s star activities is the whale and dolphin watching. Just three miles off the southern coast of Tenerife live colonies of these adorable marine mammals. Hop on one of the boats that organize daily trips for an unforgettable and moving experience.


Wonderful, surprising spots

Tenerife’s coast is full of beaches north to south, ideal for a good swim in the waves or just to have fun making sand castles with a bucket and spade. If you prefer a relaxing dip, check out the eight spectacular natural pools at Martiánez sea-bathing lake in Puerto de la Cruz. Ideal for a different day out, there are great restaurants in and around this lovely old town.

On the island there are also some very original attractions. From the Palmetum in Santa Cruz, a true botanical garden with all kinds of plant species including an impressive collection of palm trees, to the Cueva del Viento (Icod), one of the largest volcanic tubes in the world thanks to its 17 kilometres of caves filled with silence and darkness.

Garachico 2

There are 4 and 5 star hotels galore with all the amenities and facilities for families – specially equipped rooms, children’s pools, play areas, plenty of entertainment activities and food that satisfies any palate, even the kids. Tenerife is irresistible for families.