Apnea in Tenerife, a diving baptism

Diving to the seabed is always an adventure. You hold your breath, close your eyes and feel it … You dive into the deep blue of the Atlantic Ocean and you’re in a new world that opens in front of your eyes. Whether snorkeling or using fins, in Tenerife you have many opportunities for an incredible diving trip.

Diving in Tenerife

In general, the whole island is ideal for diving because of its mild climate and the warm temperatures, although the western area should be highlighted with places like Los Gigantes or the south coast of Adeje. Due to the currents and meteorology they are considered as the best diving places.

You don’t have to be a professional diver to swim like a fish in the sea. You just need attitude. There are diving centres in Tenerife such as the Apnea Academy West Europe, which offer diving courses for beginners at all levels. This concept was created by former apnea world champion Umberto Pelizzari and brought to the island thanks to Paco González Castro, who participated in nine apnea world championships between 1999 and 2010.

Some of the diving classes in Tenerife are taught in the facilities of T3 Tenerife Top Training, the high performance centre chosen by athletes from around the world. If you prefer to dive in Los Gigantes you can get on the El Cardón Naturexperience kayaks and navigate the southern coast of Tenerife, discovering its natural wonders, both inside and outside the water.

Umberto Pelizzari in Tenerife

Since he was five years old, he has been swimming and since then his curiosity and love for the sea has increased. The Italian freediver and diver Umberto Pelizzari visited our island Tenerife in October 2017 to give a professional course to instructors. He covered topics like relaxation, respiration, physiology, nutrition or communication techniques.

Of course, he took the opportunity to get to know the island and its nature, to visit Marina del Sur, to dive in the waters of Costa Adeje and to test his limits on bike, on the top of Spain, on Mount Teide.

Diving in Tenerife, some practical tips

If you have already decided to dive and discover the seabed of Tenerife, you should pay attention to some practical tips:

Ask experts and companies about the conditions of the sea and the ideal diving sites. In addition, you should consult the weather forecast for the day you plan to do the activity.

Never plunge alone into the adventure. It is better to book an organised dive through a company, so that you will always be accompanied and advised by experts.

It is not necessary to ask for diving permits in Tenerife, although it may be that some academies require a medical certificate, but you do not need to provide diving insurance.

When can I dive in Tenerife?

As already mentioned, during the whole year you can submerge underwater, both in the south and in the north of the island, European athletes, however, prefer the winter, since the temperature is always constant and there are no abrupt changes.

In winter, the water temperature is around 19 ° C and in summer it’s at 25 ° C, with only one degree difference between 0 and 50 m depth. In addition, the visibility is 20 to 25 metres, so that you can perfectly see the marine world.

Put on your suit, hold your breath and make your life experience.

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