Highlights of the Carnival of Santa Cruz 2018 and definition of terms

During the Carnival week in Santa Cruz you will hear some terms that we will explain to you today:

The “Comparsas”

These are the musical carnival groups that bring colour, joy and rhythm to the carnival with exuberant costumes and sonorous drums. Their competition took place behind closed doors on February 3rd, and they took to the streets on February 10th to show their choreography and great dresses at the “Rhythm and Harmony” parade on Francisco La Roche Avenue. You can also admire them at other carnival events and especially during the apotheosis parade.

The “Entierro de la Sardina”

One of the funniest nights is the funeral of the sardine. Here people disguise as widows and say good bye with sorrow and tears to the carnival. On Ash Wednesday, February 14th, at 10 pm the funeral parade begins, ending with the symbolic burial of the sardine.

„Apotheosis“ Parade

Carnival Tuesday is one of the most important days, as the parade with the “Comparsas” and the Carnival Queens draws through the streets of Santa Cruz. This year it will be on February 13th at 4:00 pm.

The “Rondallas”

The “Rondallas” are music groups and the first representatives of the Santa Cruz Carnival. Their performances are characterised by vocal technique and sarcastic interpretation of current political and cultural topics. The competition took place on February 4th and on February 11th and 12ththey we went to the streets and squares, where various performances took place.

“Piñata” Sunday

Sunday, the February 18th, is the last carnival day in Santa Cruz and will be celebrated more quietly after the parade on Saturday. In the morning classic cars drive through the city, while the farewell takes place at 9 pm with a big fireworks display.

We wish you a lot of fun at the Carnival 2018 in the capital of Tenerife!

Carnival 2018 in Tenerife

Drums sound nearby, the rhythm takes over you and the streets fill with colours, people gather, laugh and have fun with a multitude of colorful costumes… No doubt! This is the carnival in Tenerife!

Carnival of Tenerife 2018

The first city to start the celebrations is Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Thousands of people come together to live one of the biggest festivals of the year. Fantasy is the theme of this year’s carnival – so fairies, goblins and wizards are the stars of 2018.

The carnival poster titled “The Guardian of the Scepter”, painted by Nareme Mahugo Melian, pays homage to another historical painter of carnival posters, Juan Galarza.

Carnival programme of Tenerife 2018

Here you’ll find the carnival programme and we explain briefly what you shouldn’t miss at the carnival in Santa Cruz:

The so-called “murgas” (carnival groups) have already been elected these days, as well as the carnival queens, both children and seniors. These events were held in the city’s exhibition centre (with tickets only). The carnival on the streets always takes place after the election of the Carnival Queen.

On Friday, February 9th, the carnival’s opening parade will begin with the amazing costumes of the Queens, their entourage and the carnival clubs that roam the city’s main streets.

Carnival at night 2018

On the same Friday, the Carnival Nights, which take place until Saturday, the 17th (with the exception of Thursday, the 15th). There will be different stages with live acts at the squares Plaza de la Candelaria, Plaza Principe and Avenida Francisco La Roche.

Sebastian Yatra is one of the favoured singers at this year’s “Night Carnival”. He will perform his Latin rhythms on Monday,February 12th at 01:50 a.m. at the Plaza de la Candelaria. After that it stays rhythmic until the morning with Edwin Rivera and the salsa-orchestra Sabrosa.

Carnival at day 2018

The Day Carnival will take place on February 11th and 17th. On Saturday, February 17th, there will be various musical performances by famous artists such as Olga Tañon, Juan Magan and Gente de Zona at the Avenida Francisco La Roche, from 4:00 to 10:00 p.m.

In Tenerife, we are committed to animation

We’re attending the Kidscreen in Miami and the Cartoon Movie in Bordeaux.

Why has the number of animation production companies grown exponentially on the Island in the last year? We’ll tell you why and the advantages that make Tenerife an increasingly attractive place for animation projects. Yours could be next! We´ll be happy to help you at any of the following events: Kidscreen Summit, from 12 to 15 February in Miami and at the Cartoon Movie in Bordeaux (France), from 7 to 9 March.

In Tenerife, production companies can enjoy tax incentives of a 40% deduction for foreign productions or 45-40% of tax credit for Spanish productions or co-productions, plus the chance to pay just 4% Corporate Income Tax for companies setting up on the Island thanks to the Canaries Special Zone (ZEC) —the rate in the rest of the country is at 25%—.

In addition to these advantages, producers can also source local talent on the Island, a wide range of specialised companies and technological tools like the Teide HPC supercomputer -the second most powerful in Spain- that makes rendering so much easier. But this is not all. In addition, Tenerife offers the possibility of working in a pleasant relaxing place, at the ideal temperature, surrounded by unique scenery and many leisure options while enjoying an executive professional atmosphere and daily air connections to the main cities in Mainland Spain and Europe.

To arrange a meeting, please contact us:

E-mail: hello@whytenerife.com

Telephone: +34 609 102 505

Tlab creates their voice bank

This postproduction company includes new professionals

The dynamic ‘Voice Bank” designed by T-Lab with a selection of new professionals they have trained, has been available since January. They will shortly add iconic voices like those of Alicia Rodríguez, José Luis de Madariaga, Juancho Aguiar or Virginia Izquierdo. T-Lab has different Latin American Spanish accents and a range of languages like English, Italian, French, German, Russian and Portuguese.

The training courses organised by T-Lab and Escuela de Actores were supported by Tenerife Film Commission.

TLAB is currently developing new products and services they will be presenting in the next months.

For further information contact TLab


Salero Animation Studios celebrates that the games made for the animation series ‘Familia Telerín’ are now available

The company specialises in producing transmedia content


Salero Animation Studios are happy because the games for Android they made for the Canaries company Anima Kitchent and their project Familia Telerín. Cleo & Cuquin are now available on RTVE.es

Salero Animation Studio uses different mechanisms for pre-school and primary schools so that projects like this one can also have transmedia content that is easily accessible and simple, both on websites and mobile phones.

They are now working on the transmedia project for the animation series ‘Watch Warriors’, produced by the same studio and currently in development.

More information at SALERO ANIMATION STUDIO 

Tel.: 0034 922 10 03 21


Sur Film carries out the production of a ‘fashion film’ for the brand Mugler

The prestigious brand of perfumes chose the Island for their latest project

The prestigious perfume brand Mugler, chooses Tenerife as the location for their latest ‘Fashion Film’, and Sur Film as their service company to carry out their ambitious project on the Island.

Sur Film, a production company with many years of experience in international shoots, has brought one of the major perfume Brands to the Canary Islands to shoot in Tenerife. In addition to their current projects for both Studio and independent feature film shoots, they now get involved in the world of Fashion Films.

Fashion Films have taken the place of music videos as examples of creativity, and are now the choice of the main international brands. Mugler is one of the major perfume creators in the world and an important fashion designer.

The film was recently shot in different locations across the island of Tenerife, like El Teide, the Fine Arts building of La Laguna University and the Anaga forests, among others. The client, the producer and the film director were impressed by the beauty of the Island and the professional standards of a company like Sur Film. The production was supported by Tenerife Film Commission.

More information at SUR FILM:

Tel.: 0034 922 17 76 55

Fax.: 0034 922 17 76 56

Good news for ‘Cleo’, by La Casa Animada

This Canaries series has been nominated for the Quirino Awards

The 2D animation series ‘Cleo’, fully made in the Canary Islands by La Casa Animada, has just started their second season on Clan TV, and has been nominated to the Latin American Animation Quirino Awards to be held in Tenerife on 6 and 7 April 2018.

The first season was broadcast on the same channel in 2015 and it ranked second in Clan TV shows and first in the pre-school series of the channel, at a time when Clan is leader in children audience in Spain.

The second season has been co-produced with RTVE and includes interactive games on their website. We do hope it is as successful as the first season.

La Casa Animada is currently developing the third season that is packed with new things. The company has already started different collaborations to make the series a highly innovative product that would place it as a reference for informal transmedia education.

Contact La Casa Animada at

Tel.: 0034 922 15 05 56

Call open for the Canary Islands International Film Market

There are two new awards this year


Projects can be registered for this market until 20 February. It will be held in Tenerife from 8 to 10 March. With the aim of becoming a meeting point for European producers, distributors and investors, it seeks to encourage the production of feature films, documentaries and TV series co-productions for the international market.

The initiative was launched 15 years ago with the objective in becoming a meeting point between European producers, distributors, and investors.

It will take place from 7th to 10th March. The activities programme includes:

Networking cocktails

One to one meetings


Complete information at CIIFMarket website.