Quirino Awards

Registration for the Co-production Forum is now open

The first Quirino Latin American animation competition will be held from 6 to 8 April

Interested in taking part in the Quirino Awards co-production forum? You can make your provisional booking until 7 February and take part in B2B meetings, round tables, presentations on the state of the industry in Latin America we have put together to encourage co-production between studios and professionals on both sides of the Atlantic.

The awards are named after the creator of the first animation feature film, the Argentinean of Italian descent Quirino Cristiani, who in 1917 directed “El Apóstol”; an Argentinean production in which 58,000 hand-made drawings were used and shot in 35 mm, in addition to several scale models representing public buildings and the streets of Buenos Aires. His work was known even to Disney, who travelled to Argentina in 1941 for the premiere of “Fantasia”.

The Quirino Awards are sponsored by Turismo de Tenerife in collaboration with some of the major international animation events held in Latin America, like the Mexican Cuernavaca International Animation, Videogames and Comic Festival; the Spanish 3D Wire, International Animation, Videogames and New Media Market; and many other Latin American professionals.

More information at Quirino Awards website.


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