The cuisine of Tenerife in 7 delicious recipes

The cuisine of Tenerife is undoubtedly a reason to visit our island. Due to the combination of flavours, local quality products and innovative offers the island earned six Michelin stars.

Cocina de Tenerife

Discover the gastronomy of Tenerife through its ingredients

A good way to taste the cuisine of a place is to get to know its protagonists: the unique ingredients that thousands of visitors enjoy each year. Discover the new tastes of Tenerife.


Gofio is a product inherited from the Guanches. Chef Esteban Gómez from the H10 Gran Tinerfe Hotel reinterpreted this dish in a waffle of green bananas and gofio with fish and onions – of course, with an unbeatable view of the Atlantic Ocean.

Honey from Tenerife

There are honeycombs at an altitude of more than 1,500 metres, on the slopes of Mount Teide. Here, the industrious bees produce one of Tenerife’s sweet gastronomic wonders: broom honey, as unique as the endemic plant itself.

Chef Pedro Rodríguez Dios, a bakery expert, created a recipe right in the Teide National Park. The dish is an inspiration of Genovese pesto, with honey being the main ingredient.

The black pig

The meat of the black pig is very popular in the Canary Islands, because the history dates back to the Guanches era, where they already lived with the ancient inhabitants of Tenerife.

The Chef of the Hotel Tigaiga, Luis González, created his interpretation of the traditional black pig in front of very curious spectators who could contemplate live how this delicacy of Tenerife is cooked.

The avocado

Avocado is one of the trend foods today, partly due to its neutral taste and healthy properties. As a result, the fruit has become indispensable for many modern diets.

Rubén Cabrera, head chef at the La Cúpula restaurant at Hotel Jardines de Nivaria, prepared an avocado-shrimp ceviche with fennel and nasturtium leaf directly under avocado trees.


This dish is supposed to be a connection between the cuisine of the Atlantic Ocean and the Asian continent… Nacho Hernández, chef of the Jaxana restaurant, presented us this recipe made in Robatayaki: potato peelings of the “papa negra” and miso.

This delicacy was prepared directly at the Atlantic coast that inspired this dish. By the way, do you know where the video was taken?


The Tenerife-awarded and internationally recognised cheeses are the main ingredients of this recipe, prepared by Chef Braulio Simancas González of the Las Aguas restaurant at the Hotel Bahía del Duque.

Ravioli with goat cheese and old sheep cheese Montesdeoca on a beet reduction – inspiration of the Italian cuisine with elements of the Canarian cuisine.

The potatoes

One of the ingredients that can not be missed in Canarian cuisine is clearly the potato. Chef Jesús González from the Bogey restaurant at Hotel Las Madrigueras prepared this delicious recipe with a pure Canarian flavour: potatoes with ribs, corn and coriander mojo.

And which recipe is your favourite? The choice is difficult, so perhaps the best thing is to come to Tenerife and try each and every one of them ;-).

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