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The coronavirus situation in Tenerife remains at the low levels of incidence that the disease has had since the very beginning of the outbreak. To date, the number of positive cases detected on the island has reached 1,400, representing just 0.15% of the population (152 per 100,000 inhabitants), a much lower percentage than that of other parts of Spain: Madrid and Catalonia have the highest number of cases per 100,000 inhabitants, with more than 900 and 600 respectively.

Furthermore, of the total 1,400 cases detected in Tenerife, 653 people have already been discharged. In the past few days, there has been a marked decline in the number of new cases on the island, which now remain under 10. This decline has been continuous since March 27th, when the highest number of cases were reached in a single day, 89.

In this manner, the island looks set to soon become a covid-19 free territory.

Situation in destination

At the Tenerife Tourism Board (Turismo de Tenerife), work continues on the relaunch of the destination, to ensure it is in the best possible position when once it reopens for tourism. To achieve this, a comprehensive strategy is being developed, with particular emphasis on aspects such as connectivity, innovation and the development of an ambitious marketing plan.

The likelihood that air connectivity from outside the region will be gradually allowed to resume could provide Tenerife with an advantage, as air transport allows for a greater control of passengers when it comes to detecting possible cases of coronavirus. 

Easing of Lockdown

The Spanish Government announced yesterday its process for gradually lifting the lockdown throughout the country, following the State of Emergency that came into force on 15th March. The restrictions will be lifted in four phases until June 22nd. In the following link you will find a detailed explanation of the conditions of each phase:

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