The Coronavirus situation in Tenerife: Covid 19

The Coronavirus situation in Tenerife is evolving favourably. The contagion rate per 100,000 inhabitants on the island stands at 0.16% of the population, resulting in only 160 confirmed cases (the vast majority already recovered) per 100,000 inhabitants.

See this post for the latest information about Tenerife travel and health protocols.

The current Covid 19 situation in Tenerife

National Covid 19 De-escalation Plan

Tenerife has now gone through the phases of Spain’s national de-escalation plan.

Phase One (ended)

Until when? Phase One has now ended in Tenerife and the Canary Islands.

Phase Two (ended)

When? Until when? Phase Two has now ended in Tenerife and the Canary Islands.

Phase Three (ended)

Phase Three has now ended in Tenerife and the Canary Islands.

Holiday flights and travel to Tenerife

There are now no restrictions on travel between the Canary Islands.

Flights and travel between Spain’s autonomous communities are not expected to restart until the middle of June.

Spain will allow tourists and visitors from Schengen Area countries and the UK from June 21st (except for Portugal which keeps its border closed until July 1st). Citizens from other countries can come to Spain from July 1st.

The Canary Islands, supported by the World Tourism Organisation, will receive the pioneering Covid 19-free flight thanks to the Hi+Card digital health passport which certifies that the holder does not have the virus.

There is now no quarantine requirement for visitors arriving in Tenerife although there will be temperature checks at the airport and social distancing is in force (a minimum of 1.5 metres between people). Masks must be worn in public places if the minimum safety distance can’t be respected.

For questions about flights you have already scheduled or reserved, the best source of information is your airline. In Tenerife, we can’t wait to share all our joy, sunshine and nature with all of you and we are sure that soon we will be able to do it again.


  1. Grant lamont says:

    Thanks for the information hopefully coming over to your lovely island in august stay safe

  2. Thank you for the information, it’s very helpful as we are due to fly on July 3rd to our home near Alcala.

    • Madelene says:

      Is the Hi+Card only available to Spanish citizens? The rest of us, will we be admitted entry without any proof of being free from Covid-19?

      • Hi Madelene! The Hi+Card is currently on it’s testing phase but it’s intended to be an international app. At the moment the details on tourist entrance are being ironed out. When there’s more additional info on this we’ll update the post 🙂 Thank you!

    • Thank you Diann 🙂

  3. Charles Duncan-Turnbull says:

    Hola Javier,
    I hope you and your family and friends are well and unaffected by this terrible disease?
    We were due to come over to you on the 20th June but I can see more and more that the date for international arrivals is going to be the 1st July – is this correct and until then no international flights are allowed to come into Tenerife?
    As a family we were so looking forward to coming to your beautiful Island once again – this will not have to be in the new normal.
    Take care and be safe Javier

    • Hi, Charles! Thank you very much for your kind words 🙂

      On July 1st, Spain will eliminate the mandatory 14-day quarantine for foreigners, so many are seeing this as an official date to reopen the country (although flight connections depend on each country’s restrictions).

      We recommend that you contact your airline or travel company so that they can provide you with all the information you need in case you want to delay your holiday.

      Thank you very much for keeping Tenerife in your heart – we look forward to seeing you!

  4. Alexandra Jozafova says:

    Is hotel swimming pools and car rental open? From what date they will operate 100%? Thank you

    • Hi, Spain opens its border to international visitors on July 1st and by then almost everything will be operating. Swimming pools will be open with social distancing rules and each hotel will have to decide on its own rules that guarantee everyone’s safety. Car rental will be working.

  5. wayne brooke says:

    hi im due to fly with ryanair on the 26/07/2020 to tenerife from the uk for a holiday do you think my holiday will be going a head.

    • Hi Wayne!

      From July 1st onwards all international flights will be allowed, so you shouldn’t have any problem with yours. We are still waiting for Spain and the UK to announce their plans for travel between the two countries and will update this post with any news as soon as they are announced.

      • wayne brooke says:

        thanks for the reply back. keeping my fingers crossed 🤞🏻as i think every body needs a holiday now due to what everybody has been through.

  6. Erica Oldham says:


    I am due to fly from the UK on the 19/7/2020- all being well.
    Would you know if excursions like siam park will be open again by then?

    Thank you

    • Hi Erica!

      As of now there isn’t an official reopening date of Siam Park, as they are currently working towards it. You should check their social media time to time to as they’ll announce any info on that there.

      Best Regards.

  7. Hanna Aitken says:

    Hi, what will happen after phase 3 has ended? Will everything go back to ‘normal’ so to speak? Me and 3 others are due to fly out on the 3rd august 2020! We can’t wait!

    • Hi Hanna!

      Likely after phase 3 most of the restrictions will be lifted but some of them could remain like social distancing or use of face masks. We’ll keep updating with all the latest info.

      Thank you! 🙂 We’ll see you soon!

  8. Jiri Vrablik says:

    I’m supposed to fly 4. July, there will be mandatory tests on Covid 19, somewhere they write that they will be, somewhere that they will not be necessary?
    In Ireland it is not yet possible to get tests, at your own request. Thank you for the answer.

    • Hi Jiri!

      Currently the exact conditions and security measures on airports are being discussed. We’ll update this post with any info regarding this as soon as it is announced.


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