We are aware that safety against Covid-19 is, right now, a key factor for tourists when it comes to deciding their holiday destination. From the Tenerife Tourism Board, we can confirm that, to date, and thanks to the adherence to protocols by our associated companies, the awareness of the local population and the indications provided to all our visitors upon arrival and throughout their stay, there has not been a single case of infection among anyone who has come to enjoy their holiday on our island since the destination reopened.

Infections per 100,000 inhabitants(07/24/2020)
LocationCases in the last 14 days/100,000 inhabitants.
Tenerife – Canary Islands 5.8
United Kingdom14.1
Switzerland 11.6
Holland 9
Source: Spanish Ministry of Health.
Elaboration: Tenerife Tourism Board

In fact, in the Canary Islands – the autonomous region in which our island is located – we have a much lower epidemiological rate of infection than the average for Spain. Nonetheless, we are an island territory, surrounded by the ocean, and with a local population that is fully aware of the important role that tourism holds in our economy. For this reason, general behaviour across the island is one of strict compliance with the three basic measures: use of a mask; respecting safety distance and continual hand hygiene.

On our island, as in all of Spain, the use of a mask is compulsory for everyone over the age of six on public streets, inside public places – which includes tourist accommodation or leisure venues – and on public transport (buses, tram, etc.), whenever the minimum distance of 1.5 metres cannot be maintained —except when practising sports, eating and drinking and / or in the case of disability or respiratory illness.

The fine for offenders is 100 euros. The Public Health Law also considers sanctions of up to 600,000 euros in the most serious cases of public health violations. Businesses that do not comply with the established regulations could also face a decree for their closure.

According to a survey carried out by the Tenerife Tourism Board among 3,000 people from the island’s three main tourism markets – Spain, the United Kingdom and Germany – 63% view the guarantee of health safety measures as a necessary condition for travel, including the cleaning and disinfection of aeroplanes, accommodation establishments, restaurants, etc. These data, which were collected before the reopening of our destination, helped us in our process of adaptation for this new situation, confirming that it the destination must be able to offer a guarantee of complete confidence to visitors choosing to spend their holidays there.

Tenerife is fully prepared to receive national and international travellers, as it has been doing for several weeks now. Almost a hundred tourist accommodation providers have already opened their doors, as have numerous restaurants and entertainment venues. All meet the required hygiene, security, capacity and distance protocols. Among other spaces and infrastructures used by tourists, public transport services have also adapted their behaviour protocols.

These low infection rate figures, combined with the renowned professionalism of workers in both the tourism and health sectors that has led our island to such low incidence figures, mean we can guarantee that both from the Insular Government of Tenerife and especially from the Tenerife Tourism Board, we are making an enormous effort to ensure that, together, we continue to make this island a safe, sustainable destination for all our visitors, workers and residents.

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