5 Things You Must Do In Tenerife This Summer

There must be places in Tenerife that you want to return to this summer. It is normal to be undecided; we also have a hard time deciding whether to spend the day on a beach (without forgetting the sunscreen) or go to the mountains for a good hike.

To help you decide, here are our top suggestions about how to spend an unforgettable summer day in Tenerife…

A Kayak trip in the Tenerife sea

Walking along the coast is one thing … but hitting the Atlantic in a kayak is quite another. You can go at your own pace and get right up close to the many treasures that the coast of Tenerife hides amongst its folds.

Kayaking is a safe and calm activity, since the areas where it is common have calm waters. Nor does it require a great physical effort on your behalf, although some stiffness the next day is inevitable; That’s the price you pay for so much fun! 😉

A mojo course to taste Tenerife

Pungent mojo is the sauce par excellence of the Canary Islands. In Tenerife we find as many recipes for mojos as there are grandmothers on the island. To start your mojo journey, stick with the traditional green or coriander mojo, or the red and spicy picón mojo. Whichever you choose you get to try one of the iconic flavors of the island, especially if you accompany it with a portion of local heirloom potatos.

In the mojos workshop, you also learn how to prepare a traditional recipe; a beautiful memory of Tenerife that stays with you wherever you go.

A Tenerife trail that stimulates all the senses

If you’ve already sampled the flavour of Tenerife, it’s time to explore the island with the other senses. Perhaps in one of our ancient monteverde forests…

In the Anaga Rural Park the “Sendero de los Sentidos” awaits you, a simple route perfect for families to explore. Divided into three sections; the first accessible to all so that everyone can experience the mysteries of the prehistoric Laurisilvia forest.

Along the path you will find information panels that invite you to discover the peculiarities of the environment through smell, sight, hearing and touch; you will hear the crunch of the branches, the song of the birds; You’ll see the intense and leafy green of Tenerife, smell the penetrating fragrance of Laurel, vineyard, Faya, Naranjero … and you’ll feel the hundreds of years of life of the longest-standing trees.

An afternoon of terracing at La Laguna?

You have to try the mythical “barraquito” coffee in La Laguna and stroll through this World Heritage city.

With stories of pirates like Amaro Pargo and the enchanted legends of Casa Lercaro, La Laguna won’t leave you indifferent. Alternate walking and shopping with stops at the outdoor terraces for a coffee, snack or a cool drink. A quick pincho and a caña of beer while you people watch and take in the atmosphere of local life. Then it’s back up to see what’s around the next corner…

A spot of culture in Tenerife

What is a place without the culture, idiosyncrasies and stories that enrich it? Tenerife is an island that has seen personalities of all kinds pass by, from great artists like the Beatles to the writer Agatha Christie. Explorers and naturists like Alexander Von Humboldt, and illustrious local figures such as the engineer Agustín de Betancourt y Molina, the journalist Miguel Villalba Hervás, and the missionary José de Anchieta y Llarena.

But classical history is not at odds with the modern. Avant-garde places such as the Auditorio de Tenerife or the Tenerife Espacio de las Artes museum give you the opportunity to get to know the most cosmopolitan part of the island.

So, where are you definitely doing to visit the next time you visit Tenerife?

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