Travelling to Tenerife. Updated information

Information updated on October 23th

Daily update on the situation of Covid-19 in the Canary Islands

Before travelling to Tenerife

It is now possible to travel to Tenerife without having to carry out any form of quarantine, be it from another Canary Island, any other part of Spain (except those areas that have gone back to a previous phase of de-escalation) or the rest of the countries belonging to the European Union.

If you are flying from abroad, you must fill in the FCS travel form on the the Spain Travel Health portal (in Spanish, English, German and French) or in the mobile app (which can be downloaded from the same website). This way you will obtain the QR Health Code that you will have to show, on paper or on your mobile phone, at the airport health control to be able to follow your journey.

Covid-19 preventive measures

The Canary Islands Government has updated measures against Covid-19 to prevent its spread. These are the most important points:

Mandatory use of face coverings

• In public spaces, which is to say on public roads, in open-air spaces and in any enclosed space for public use, or that is open to the public, while still maintaining a personal safety distance of at least 1.5 metres.

• In hospitality establishments and restaurants, bars and cafés. The only time when customers do not have to wear a mask is when they are consuming food or drink.

• In the workplace.

• In natural spaces or outdoors away from centres of population, you do not have to wear a mask whenever the flow of people allows the safety distance of at least 1.5 metres to be maintained.

• On beaches and at swimming pools you are not obliged to wear a mask when bathing or while staying in the same place, without moving, and provided that respect for the interpersonal safety distance between everyone else can be guaranteed. In any case, it will be obligatory to use a face covering when accessing, moving around and walking in these spaces and facilities.

• The owners of establishments, spaces and premises must ensure that their customers comply with these obligations.

• Correct use of masks is mandatory, meaning that they must completely cover the nose and mouth at all times. They should also be properly adjusted to the nose and chin to prevent any respiratory secretions being released into the environment.


• The use of masks in private spaces, both open and enclosed, is recommended when people from different households meet.

• It is recommended that all kinds of groups or meetings in private spaces of people who do not live together should be limited to a maximum of 10 people, even if the safe distance can be guaranteed.

General measures concerning safe capacities and distance

• Smoking, using tobacco inhalation devices, water pipes, shisha or other pipes is prohibited on public roads and in outdoor spaces, whenever it is not possible to ensure the maintenance of a 2 metre interpersonal safety distance.
In restaurants
Tables or groups of tables should be separated by a distance of 1.5 metres, as well as at the bar or between customers and groups. The maximum occupancy per table or group of tables, either inside or outside, is ten people.

Clubs and nightlife

Nightclubs, dance halls and bars with or without live music performances shall remain closed.

Hotels and restaurants

Establishments must respect a closing time of 1:00am at the latest, and new customers may not be admitted after midnight. 

Conditions for certain establishments, activities and public performances

• The use of tobacco inhalation devices or similar is forbidden in all entertainment and leisure premises, hotels, restaurants and any other establishments open to the public.

• Economically active recreational and leisure boats may only open to the public using outdoor spaces with seating. In any case, a maximum capacity of 75% is permitted. 


  1. Gwyn Chilcxott says:

    Can I holiday in Te
    Meriden from the UK?

  2. We would love to return to our apartment in Puerto de la Cruz for the Month of November and will purchase a travel insurance policy to cover us for all eventualities except Covid19!!! We understand that the Canarian Government has a Policy with AXA for Covid19 that covers all tourists staying in any regulated establishment. Our small residential complex has followed all the guidelines regarding the virus and has measures in place regarding hygiene and use of the pool etc, my question is would we be covered under the terms of the AXA Policy? I am sure that many other owners have either asked this question or are thinking along the same lines as myself. No matter where I have looked I cannot find the information that I need to allow me to return to Tenerife, I hope you are able to assist me with this matter.

  3. Are municipal swimming pools (such as the 50m pool in Los Christianos) open as usual for lap swimming?

    • Hello, the municipal swimming pool of Los Cristianos is open. The sports facility, of 50 meters, is distributed in 8 streets of 25 meters, where a maximum of 16 users can meet every hour and a half. Thank you!

  4. Graham Slattery says:

    My wife and I have visited Tenerife every winter for the last 20 years but we will not be coming this time. Having to wear a face mask everywhere is not our idea of a holiday, We will return when covid restrictions are eased,

    • Hello Graham,

      We all hope and work for the return of normality; in the meantime we have to prioritize safety. Thank you very much for choosing Tenerife every year. We are sure that next year you will enjoy our winter sun again.

  5. Debra Wasden says:

    Hi – we travel to Tenerife every December for a 6 week holiday.
    Unfortunately we will not be coming if we have to quarantine for 14 days on our return to the uk ( due to work )
    I have heard rumours that Tenerife is offering a Covid test on your return and you only have to quarantine for 5 days.
    Is there any truth in this ?

    • Hello Devra,

      We are working to create secure brokers, which would include PCR testing; but there are no firm dates yet for implementation. I hope we will soon have more precise information on this. We update this publication regularly, so once the protocol for creating safe brokers is confirmed, we will inform you in this post. Thank you!

  6. Kamil Stawski says:

    I try to visit Tenerife every year. We are flying this Saturday this time.
    Can something change in two days and we will have to have covid-19 tests with us?

    • Hello,

      The Canary Islands Government is working on the implementation of a test protocol, but there are no specific dates yet, and when it will be implemented we will be informed in good time. Thank you very much!

  7. Hi,
    I am travelling to Tenerife from the Uk on 30 October until 8 November. Will I need proof of a negative test before I fly?

    • Hello Rosie,

      To travel to Tenerife you have to complete the following public health form electronically 48 hours before your trip: SPAIN TRAVEL HEALTH-SpTH ( to obtain your personal QR code.
      At the airport of origin: you must show your QR code at the security control (it is essential to have it printed out or on your mobile phone).
      At the destination airport: on arrival on the islands, your temperature will be taken and, if it is 37.5ºC or higher, you will undergo a health assessment.

      The government is currently working to include a protocol with PCR tests, but this is not yet in place.

      To follow the travel requirements, you will find the updated information at the following link:

      Thank you very much for choosing Tenerife! See you soon, Kind regards

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