Virgin of Candelaria Festivity

14 August 2017
15 August 2017

This festivity, officially designated as being of National Interest to Tourism, has a highly religious and devotional component. It embodies five centuries of faith, belief and respectful love for the Virgin of Candelaria. Pilgrims from all corners of the island converge on Candelaria to pay tribute to their patron saint. Many spend the previous night trekking along the roads leading to the town. The celebration (closely associated with the world of Tenerife’s native inhabitants) is held on the evening of 14 August and includes the traditional floral offering to the Virgin, together with performances by an assortment of Canarian folk groups. The main square outside the Basilica stages the re-enactment of the apparition of the Virgin to Guanche natives, according to the tradition.

Virgin of Candelaria Festivity
Plaza de la Patrona de Canarias, 1, Candelaria.
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