1st Charity Race for the Deaf in Tenerife

09 June 2019
09 June 2019

The Federation of Deaf People Associations from Tenerife (FASICAN) it the organiser of this race open to everyone, even to people with physical, cognitive or sensory impairments. There will be sign language interpreters available at the event.

There will be two types of races. One of them is open to participants without a vehicle, except those with adapted vehicles. The second race is for people with non-motorised vehicles, save those whose condition makes it necessary to have a motor vehicle.

  • When: 9 June
  • Where: La Laguna
  • Start Time: 9am
  • Prices:

Adults: €8

7-17 year-olds: €6

1st Charity Race for the Deaf in Tenerife
San Cristóbal de La Laguna Tenerife